Thursday, August 11, 2011

Borgata 8/10/11

Yesterday was my BFF's bday. The original plan was to hit Parx for their opening event, but last minute he had to go to Maryland in the morning. I was going to go with him, but at times I get car sick and I'm not allowed to drive his truck, so I opted out. He went to MD at 6am, and left at 9am to hit B. He got there around noon, I got there around 12:15. We played some slots, Let it ride, roulette etc. We also ate after awhile. I was itching to play some 2/5, but it was his bday and I didn't want to ruin it by playing poker. He has a running joke that I have a squirrel in my head and all it thinks about it poker, and shuffling poker chips :)

He says if I want to play to play, he will watch for a bit. NOW, I call him my lucky charm. He bought me into the ladies event last year (without Hubby Mike knowing) as one of my bday gifts. He said I could tell Mike if I cashed...and I came in 13th. So we told Hubby Mike. I have fared well with him around, but there was maybe one or two times I lost (not a lot) with him there. He hasn't been to AC all 2011...yesterday was his first venture back. I have been on a losing streak minus 2 times all year. Coincidence? you decide.

So we go and I get seated at a table. I took down a smallish pot early on with jack 7 off in big blind and flopped top the whole way and a donkey kept calling, then folded on river.

The hand that made my session is pocket fours. I didnt really play many hands and at this point BFF was bored and went to play War (yes they have that at the B by the money wheel!). So I get pocket fours in big blind. Seat 3 raises to 20. I hadn't really played much, nor gotten good cards. Small blind came in not too long before, he sat with $300 too. He calls, I look at my fours. What the hey, I'll call. I haven't hit a flop all year, but hey, you never know. Four nine two (two diamonds). SWEET!!!! I'm doing the happy dance in my head. SB checks, I bet out 30, they both call. As the dealer is flipping the turn, all I'm saying is BLACK or pair the board! Five diamonds. Really dealer? I finally hit a flop and I bet you just gave one of these guys a flush. Thanks. SB checks, I bet another $30. Seat 3 raises it to $90 and the SB insta calls. REALLY???? REALLY???? I'm thinking to myself INSTA FOLD. My head is doing the math real quick. 10 outs. Call another 60 bucks for 10 outs? FOLD. But something in my gut said 'call' I then think 'I can't call with at best 10 outs, that's if nobody folded pre flop any of my outs, or that these guys don't have them either' But I count out 60 in chips and call. Five of spades hits the river.....BINGO. About time!!!!!! SB checks, I take a stack of 100 and put it in the middle. That leaves with me another 100 behind. Seat 3 thinks and folds. Now it's on SB. He's thinking. Okay so he doesn't have pocket nines.....okay so that's good. Then I"m like 'did I bet too much for him to call?' did I bet too little and could I have gotten paid off more? Then I'm like 'SHHHH, you didn't win yet!" He calls 'gulp' He had a flush...I had a boat....that was a HUGE pot...I was now sitting with over $700 in front of me!!!!!! Happy Dance happy dance. I FINALLY got lucky...I haven't gotten lucky in a long time. Granted, it was a bad call, but my gut said to call while my head said fold.

I won a few smaller hands throughout the rest of the session. Won a hand with aces, got one caller when I raised pre flop, then took it down with a continuation bet. Right before we were leaving, I got dealt pocket kings. I wanted to leave, and I get that. So I raise to 30, hoping just to take down the two limpers. I got one caller. Loose player too. Flop is ace queen rag. He immediately checks. I didn't like the ace. I bet out 30 and he insta folded. PHEW! Then I cashed out. I'm still learning and I'm feeling more confident that maybe my luck is changing, or if I will need BFF in AC when I play.

I'll probably be playing during the week and only 2/5. Jersey Jay says no more 1/2. Hubby Mike might even join me at 2/5 next time. He had some horrible bad beats at 2/5 awhile ago, and won't go back, but he just may now.

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