Thursday, August 11, 2011

Borgata Aug 6th and 7th

Hubby Mike and I planned on going to AC Saturday to Sunday b/c I got tickets to Jeff Dunham Saturday night at Taj (awesome show by the way!). The show ended around 10, and we headed to B for some 1/2 action. They had just opened a new table, so we ran over and got our seats next to each other. I have no qualms of taking him out. Yes, he's my husband, but when we're in a hand together, all I see are his chips :) And besides, it gives us time to 'spend together' while playing poker. A family that plays together stays together right?

So I'm pretty much card dead. I've been pretty much card dead all of 2011. My right arm is now very muscular from all the MUCKING I've been doing. I know I should have written down my hands Saturday, but I never got around to doing so, so my mind will be a little blurry, but Jersey Jay has been coaching me believe it or not, so whatever details I missed or messed up on, he can correct me if I'm wrong.

I do remember winning one hand. I was in late position and limped in for 2 bucks with king 2 suited. At this point, I just wanted to see a flop pretty much. Hubby Mike was the button and he called as well. Small and big were in as well as one other limper. Flop is two spades. Everyone checks, Hubby Mike bets 7 bucks. he got two callers, so I called as well. Turn is a spade. Everyone checks to me, I bet out. Hubby Mike folds, as does everyone else. So I won a pot. woop dee doo.

A few hands later, I'm in the big blind with king jack off. A few limpers. Flop comes out ace jack king. No flush draw. I bet out ten, one guy calls (seat 1) and seat 3 raises to thirty. You know...this is the BEST hand I've seen in a long time, and I'm aggravated to folding winning hands to someone just making a play at the pot. So I call the thirty, and seat ten pops it 100 or so. Figures. Seat 3 Calls, I fold. Wouldn't you know, after the river, they show (I don't even remember the bets after that, I'm assuming seat 3 went all in) Seat 1 had queen 10 for the flopped straight, seat three had ace king. I was THIRD the entire way. Seriously????? Ugh, good fold, yes. Probably bad call to the raise, but whatever.

Very next hand, I'm in the small and get 10 5. I call the buck, Hubby Mike checks. Flop is 10 high. I bet out 10 I believe, I get one caller. Turn is nothing, I bet out 20 or so. Guy calls. There is now a gut shot out there. A five hits the river and I can see a straight, but it would have been runner runner, and a gut shot on the river. And I hit my two pair so I'm feeling good now. I bet out 30, guy thinks, and calls. He had a straight. He stayed on the flop with nothing, and hit runner runner and a gut shot on river to win the pot.

At this point, it wasn't my night, so I took the rest of my chips and cashed out down 120 or so. I then had a coaching session with Jersey Jay. He gave me some fresh insights and I was determined to follow his advice.

Sunday, we got up showered, had breakfast and checked out. We went to play poker. Hubby Mike to 1/2 NL, me to 2/5NL and sat with $300. There wasn't many chips at the table except LRG (his shirt had LRG on it) and he had about 2k and above in front of him. He wasn't a bully either, so that was good. I was more or less using this as a testing of the waters. I didn't win many hands. I did make a good laydown though. Preflop UTG I got queens. 'Finally a hand' I think in my head. I raise to 20 or 25 I don't remember offhand. LRG calls and guy next to him calls. Flop is all low cards, so I continuation bet 30 I believe. LRG calls, guy next to him pops it. Really? I think for a minute, then fold. LRG calls. I don't remember the turn, but that's where the action ended. I had told the people around me what I had, and they were like 'You should have shoved!!!!' I'm already short stacked and I didn't feel comfy blowing on my chips like that. It was a good fold b/c two people saw the winner's hand. One saw it in the chair, the other saw it when the dealer put the cards at the bottom of the muck then lifted all the cards. He had pocket kings. So it was a great fold.

I got queens again a few hands later, raised to 30 and collected 5 limpers limped money. I got aces twice and won small pots which I was happy about. After a few hours, I was down $60 or so, and I cashed out to go home. yes, I lost, but it didn't feel like a loss b/c I was learning the ins and outs of 2/5NL. I've played it before, but not with the insight I got from Jersey Jay. I was happy with the result and couldn't wait to play again.

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