Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So after my ordeal at CVS, I decided I was going to treat myself to a nice lunch. I figured my best bet was Wendy's, as they have my Crispy Chicken Meal for $2.99. You can't beat that. A chicken sandwhich, fries and a soda for $2.99. So I go to the one by work and I see the key chain thing, where you donate $1 and you get the keychain (they didn't have anymore cool Wendy's frosty ones, so I settled for the regular one) a free frosty for every visit until the end of June! The girl's like 'Would you like one?" To which I replied "YES!' It goes to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption I believe, and I'm all about good causes!

She then handed me my keychain and asked if I would like my first FREE frost, to which I was like 'HECK YES!' The manager (I believe) was doing my order and he was very nice...they all there at this Wendy's which is why I love going there.

So next time you're in Wendy's, inquire about the Frost Keychain and help a great cause!

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