Thursday, January 6, 2011

Expiring and Rolling on 1/6/11 at CVS

Here's my 2 hauls today, one on my card, one on DH's card:

I didn't get my coupons yet for this week, so I went with NO coupons, only with 2 $10 expires today, the other tomorrow. So I went in with the mindset to definatly do the Revlon deal (buy any 2, get $7 ECBs back). That stuff's expensive! Mascara for $10, eyeliner for $8 (for a PENCIL!). I found some nail polish for about $5.39 so I figured I'd get two, but wait, what's that? Blackened brown Revlon mascara with a sticker for 75% off? Hmmmmm, there's two left, I grab them, go to the price checker, they are $2.49 each! Times 2 is $4.98 and I'd get back $7 ECBs! So I grab them, then off to get the light bulbs. They are $3.99 and you get a $2 ECB. That comes to about $9...I needed another $1 worth of stuff, so I got my M & M's as a filler and off I go. Only, when the transaction was done, I didn't get the $7 ECBs for the Revlon. The ad says any two and there's no mention of it excluding markdowns...hmph. But I got back to work and called Customer Service and the guy was super nice and he loaded the $7 ECBs into my card and said within 48 hours it should be there, all I have to do is go to the price checker machine, scan my card and out it will come :) So here's the details:
2 Revlon Mascaras Originally 10.49-8.00 for the sale = 2.49 each = 4.98
Lightbulbs 5.99-2 on sale = 3.99
M & M's 2 for $1

Total came to 10.67-9.97ECB I had (she made it 9.97 as it cannot pay for tax) so Out of Pocket (OOP) I paid .70 and will get back $7 ECB and $2 ECB equals a profit of $8.30

This one I just did real quick. I needed mascara so I got this one with the free liner and the nail polish:

1 Mascara = 9.39
1 Nail Polish = 5.89

Total is $15.28 plus 1.07 tax = 16.35-10 ECBs = 6.35 OOP and got back 7 ECB for a profit of .65!

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