Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1/11/11 Papa Johns!

There was some speculation about getting 2 large pizzas for $11.11 at Papa John's today. There was even a code floating around. (I tried and it didn't work). So I tried my own code online and it worked!

For the Central NJ area, when you go to order online, type in '11111' as the promo code, and you can get 2 Medium Pies with 2 toppings each for $13.98 (normally $16.99). So it's a $3 savings!

We've only had Papa John's once, in Maryland, about 6 years ago, but we may order it tonight and have one tonight and the other for snacking tomorrow, since we will most likely be snowed in!


Sam said...

Papa Johns is my favorite pizza place!! So much better than Pizza Hut or Dominos. Save the garlic butter to dip the crusts in...YUM!

Dang it, Beth! Now I want a pizza :P

spaghetti0625 said...

I'm not a big pizza eater, however, DH is a HUGE pizza eater. So I do keep the frozen stuff home and on occasion we will order Dominos (OMG have you had the lava cakes? YUMMY!!!)
But I did like Papa Johns the one time we had it :)