Tuesday, January 11, 2011

CVS, urgh!

So there's a great deal on the Finish Electrasol at CVS. They are on sale for $3 and when you spend $20, you get $10 ECBs Back. Here's the deal:

Buy 7 ($21) and use 7 $2.25 off Qs making it 5.25 for all 7, and you get back $10 ECBs, making it a $4.75 profit!

But good luck finding them :( I went this morning, nothing. There are two spots on the shelves for these things and they were bare. They are big to begin with so even if they had them in stock, you would deplete the shelf if you got 7, which I will NEVER EVER do. I even called, and the guy said the truck just came in and would be on the shelves in the afternoon. I asked if by around noonish they would be out, he wasn't sure. I asked if he could put 7 to the side for me and I could pick them up at noon, and he's like 'Well, I don't know if they would be shelved by then' Nevermind.

I went on lunch and they stocked the REST of the stuff, still bare on the Finish. UGH....so I went to another CVS by work. And this one's BIGGER and BETTER! And nothing...hmph. Still a bigger store, and only 2 spots for these big boxes? I just don't get it! They advertise these HUGE sales and don't have enough in stock!

I wonder if I can do the raincheck for this as people did with the Wisk last week and still get the ECB?

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Mary said...

Get a raincheck for the Finish and make sure they fill in the promo part - it's the numbers in the corner of the advertisement. Then you'll get your ECB's and the sale price later on.