Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm Baaaaack!

Wow, it has been awhile since I posted huh? Let's see, I did awesome with the A & P super Double Dollar coupons in the beginning of May and totally stocked up on Ziploc. They were free, giving me a profit of .50 a piece, and every 3 that I bought, I got coupons for OYNO! I used ALL my ziploc coupons and got a TON of stuff for almost free! I couldn't believe it! Then I went away for work for two weeks. I only got to hound once out there, got Viamin water for .73 a piece and some Nabisco snack packs for $1 a piece (normally 2.49). I went to A & P last week, saved some $$, and I also did a big grocery order on Sunday with DH and my cousin.....I saved a little less then 50%, but we HAD to get kitty litter and DH's lunch meat and newspapers. I have money budgeted for those, but I normally do it all separate so the papers and the lunch meat don't reflect my grocery savings, since even though the lunch meat is on sale, it's not reflected on the receipt...all well. DH also got into a fight in the aisle. It's weird, he's normally the cool, calm and collected one of the relationship, and I'm the snippy, bitchy one. So here's the story:

DH goes to wait in line for his lunch meat, so my cousin and I do the shopping. DH finds us in the cereal aisle where I'm looking for the Special K that's on sale...NONE, the whole shelf is empty. Oh well. So as I'm standing back up (the Special K is on the bottom shelf), DH comes down the aisle. He has his lunch meat in one hand and a bday card for his sister in law in the other. When I saw the card (my cousin and I saw it at the same time) and we both laugh, and he's like 'What?" And I'm like 'I got the SAME card for Jess!' (Jess is sister in law). So we're talking about it, and a lady comes to the end of my cart, where my cousin is standing. I heard her mumble something, so I assumed she had said excuse me, so I moved my cart back so she can get to what she needs. So we start talking about how the card fits Jess to a tee, and the lady is shuffling boxes and boxes are falling. now, she is nowhere near my cart, so I'm not in her way, at least I didn't think she was. She we're talking or whatever, then she gets up (she was bending down) and throws a box or two into her cart. I pick little things up even when I'm in conversation with others...I guess it's in my Criminal Justice background lol. So as they walk away, passing us, she mumbles something about how rude people are. I know she's referring to me b/c she gave me a nasty look, but I let it slide. Normally, I woulda been in her face haha. So, as they walk past, the husband gives my DH a look. I too let that need to make a scene over something stupid. So, the guy gives my DH another look, to this, my DH turns and is like 'What is your problem?" oh boy, not good. So they start arguing. DH normally just walks away, but not this time. The guy starts saying that we were rude and not moving at of his wife's way. Then the wife comes back and starts walking towards my DH with her hubby. I grab my DH's shirt and I'm like 'Walk away, they must live pathetic lives if they want to start a fight in the middle of a shop rite. So the lady starts saying to me that she had asked me a few times to move so she can reach her stuff. Then she's like 'Even when all the boxes were falling, you still didn't move' I told her I wasn't even NEAR her and if she did say something, she wasn't audible b/c my cousin was standing at the end of my cart! HELLO! Then DH was like 'I saw you, YOU started pushing the boxes around and making them fall!' Then the lady was like 'Maybe if you weren't arguing with each other, you would have seen me struggling and moved out of the way!' Um, when did joking about a card and how it fits someone perfectly turn into arguing? Whatever. I finally got DH to walk away from it. My cousin was like 'She was no where near your cart after you moved when she first walked over!' And if it was that big of a deal, she should have said excuse me again. She only said it once, and that one time, it was a mumble. I assumed it was 'excuse me' since she was near my cart. It really fired up my DH. I think maybe our roles are reversing :) But seriously, there's no need to fight with someone in a Shop Rite..esp when it's the one that DH's mom works at lol

We've also been very busy with Lucky, our new kitty! Here are some pics:

That is her, doing what she does best...SLEEP!

This was her first day at her new home. DH was on the couch watching the Mets game. She jumped right on him! Guess she's a Mets fan....will have to change that to a YANKEES fan!

Guess I was a little tired and took a 'catnap' with Lucky :)

We also went to a wedding on Monday, and it was the first time we left her home alone for more then an hour. She did very well! I don't think she got up off the couch from her 'naptime' Here's a pic from the wedding:

I will be updating more often! Hope everyone is doing well!


Debtfreemommy said...

I love the dress! that color is beautiful.

centralillinoisian said...

I am so glad that Lucky is fitting right in. And you two make a cute couple!

Precious said...

Lucky ia adorable!

frugalsuz said...

Lucky is absolutely adorable and looks just like my cat Mousse.

That lady in SR sounds like a barrel full o' laughs. NOT! Maybe she was just having a bad day.

Shelly said...

Thanks for the comment. Give Lucky extra hugs from me...she looks so much like Max. I'll send her package Monday or Tuesday!