Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Borgata Summer Open Ladies Event June 14, 2009

Well, I didn't get the chance to do a shout out to the bloggers, although I did talk to one quite a bit. I wanted to warm up to him before asking to be put on the blog. The guy last year (Johnny Walker) was cool and put me on there. He probably got in trouble b/c they were told specifically that they cannot blog about the ladies event, just to post the blinds going up and any 'famous' ppl playing (hmmmm, I'm not famous yet? Bull!!! lol). I didn't want to get him in trouble, but they did blog an awful lot about the ladies event.

So, we arrived early, as usual. I wasn't feeling it from the get go. I almost opted not to play, but since we were there for that, I did it. Maybe b/c I didn't get a good nights' sleep or I had breakfast first, no idea, but i wasn't feeling it and played my D game. yup, my B and C game didn't even show up.

The first round, there was one girl who was in EVERY hand. Ton of action too. We started with 10k in chips with blinds at 25 50. Second hand in, 1k chips were being thrown into the Aggressive girl lost a big hand in the first round and second round, but held her own. Won a ton back when a girl who knows her stuff raised pre flop with ace king suited. King on the flop and raggy cards out there. Betting and raising left and right. Huge bet on the river. Now there was an 8 on the flop and another on the river with all rags other then the king. Aggressive girl had 5 8 raiser had ace king....5 8 boated on the riv. OUCH!

I wasn't really getting cards, so I played tight, very tight. Limping with ace jack, ace queen, pocket nines and nothing on the flop, so I would end up folding to a bet. See, my D game. Couldn't get off it. Had queens, girl makes it 450 pf, I call. 2 or 3 other callers. Flop is 6 2 2. I bet 1500, pf raiser goes all in for an additional 1200, I call...she has kings...ugh. no queen...all well. I was down to less then 5k during this hand. I slowly made my way about up to almost 9k in the next round by getting good hands and ppl folding to nothing on the flop. I also bluffed quite a lot as well. I hardly do that, but it was working for me.

Another good hand at the table was aces v aces....the one girl almost won...on the turn, 3 spades....river was a blank, so they split.

On to my demise. It was either the 5th or 6th round and I get 8 9 off in the big blind. Girl raises to 650, so it's only a little over a min raise. So I call. Flop gives me an open ended straight draw (4 6 7). I'm putting her on either an big over pair (kings or aces) or a big ace like ace king (esp due to the small size of the raise pf.). She continue bets, I insta call. I always seem to get in trouble chasing, but I kept seeing ppl catch left and right, so I thought it was my turn. Turn is a queen. I think, then check, hoping that since I've been playing tight, since I called the pf raise and insta called the flop, that she put me on a big hand here. I'm hoping for the free river card...she bets out 1700. Ugh. ugh. I call. River is a 3 of hearts....I grab a bunch of high chips, and throw out 3k. She is like 'Did I just get rivered TWICE in 3 hands???' She thought for awhile. Alls I needed was a 5 in my hand to have a straight. Now I think she's holding ace queen or something. She def put me on a hand....after awhile she called...'Nice call I say' She flips over trip sevens...ouch! Everyone at the table said that we both played it well and said I made a great play on the riv. My friend happened to be standing by me and saw, and apologized but said it was an awesome play. he thought i had nuts on that hand....I wanted her to think so too, but trip!!

So the next hand I am in the small and get four five...I'm just so aggravated that I push all in...two callers...they check it down. Nothing...I did hit a five, but the other girl hit a jack....ah well. I was the first one at my table to bust out....yay. I checked online this morning, I don't think anyone at my table cashed, but my friend took 8th! not too shabby!

I was so upset that I busted out that I made Hubby Mike cash out at the cash game. I don't know why, but I didn't even want to be at the Borgata...I felt so embarrassed....I guess b/c I got my hand caught in the cookie jar. Anyone else ever feel that way?

so we walk around and found an open let it ride 3 card bonus table. nobody is there, so Hubby Mike and I sit down and play. As soon as we do, the table fills up. We played for awhile, and I was on my last hand since I was down about 100. I look at an ace and I tell Hubby Mike 'Should I put it down?" (in 3 card,if I see an ace first, I play it, no matter what). So I look at the second card, another ace. I put it down. I stay the entire way....when it comes to me...3 aces! YAY! So i made my money back plus over 100, so that was good. Cashed out, grabbed some dinner, then went home EARLY....around 7pm...we're never home before 1am when we go on a Sunday. But I'm getting old and need to function at work, so getting home late I can't do anymore on a work night.

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