Friday, May 1, 2009

Money Saving and Stockpiling Challenge

I didn't want to keep writing posts with the same stuff, since a lot of it during the week is repetitive. Like now, DH and I take a shower together each night, we're opening the windows, hanging our laundry, etc. So I'll post every few days and update on the savings and stockpiling.

This week, I did great with savings AND stockpiling! Wednesday I went and got the free pasta bread bowl from Dominos. I had gone to ACME and CVS first. ACME for the VIVA paper towels (Out of Stock) and then to CVS for Zyrtec and band-aids, which earned me $10 ECBS! Back to Domino's. At this one, the only thing that was free was the pasta, not the entire thing. But, the guy liked us and gave us the free pasta bread bowl! YIPPEE! It gave me lunch for THREE days! I had it Wed, Thurs and today for lunch. Can't go wrong for FREE!

Wednesday, DH said he would come shopping with me at Shop Rite, so that was great! I was getting my Q's together and saw the Kellogg's Q. I thought it was only for Mini Wheats, but it was ANY Kellogg's. I grabbed my Q's for that and ran to Target for the Special K deal! I spent $1.95 OOP, AND earned a $5 gift card!

At Shop Rite, I got Zyrtec, deodarant, yogurt, and some other things, for OOP $23 and change, and got back $10 ONYO! Here's a pic of what I got Wednesday:

The Kellogg's were on sale for 2.39 each, then with the 1 Q, it was 1.39. I had a GC from the Schick deal, so I paid 1.95 OOP for each, and got another $5GC! That comes to 90% savings!

At Shop Rite, I got the Lysol Toilet Cleaner for .38 each, the Yoplait Yogurt for .32 each, the Taco Cheese for .99 each, and the deodarant was FREE (YES all 8 were free!). Our total OOP for that and the Zyrtec and toothpaste and tortillas and OJ was 23.40 or 67% Savings!

Thursday I was able to do the Viva paper towel rolls. I got 6 of them plus a Vitamin water for 2.74 OOP!

Today, I went to A & P and got 3 10pks of Capri Suns, and 2 boxes of Mini Wheats Chocolate for 1.21 OOP! YEE HAW! Thanks to A and P for offering double $1 coupons! I'll be there twice a day....once on lunch and once after work! May is off to a great start grocery savings wise!