Friday, May 8, 2009


This week I've been majorly slacking keeping up with my savings and stockpile and poker update information. This is due to Kitty. Kitty is a stray male (we think) cat about a year old, maybe younger. I saw him walking around last week and tried to catch it. Wouldn't let me near it. I started putting food out for him and he came around every night for his meal. He's so cute and meows so cutely! On Tuesday, while DH was home at night, I tried to get him to come inside. I left the patio door open and he was hesitant at first, but he came in. Only a little bit for a few minutes tops. Then he went back out. He liked our house!

Wednesday I was home b/c we had our air compressor replaced (fun). My 3 year old nephew and my mom came over since she babysits sometimes during the week since she got laid off last month. My nephew saw the food and was looking for "Kitty". I never saw him during the day, only at night. He came over Wednesday and came in again. This time, he let me pet him then 'marked' me as my co-workers said. He loved being in the house, only the one part of the living room. He also loved me! When he went back outside, when I called him, he came, just like a dog! When DH came home, he went right up to him!

On Thursday, he was waiting for me to get home from work. He came to the truck when I got out, followed me to the front door, then ran to the patio for his dinner. When I walked to get the mail, he walked with me, like a well trained dog. He also followed me back. I was getting really attached, but couldn't keep him b/c he's a stray (we think someone dumped him). and we're going to MD for 2 weeks and I'm allergic. DH and I tried to get him in the truck to get him to Petco for an exam and low cost vaccines. He wouldn't get in and scratched us up. We asked around and someone mentioned that a woman was looking for a cat the other day, so we walked around the complex trying to see if Kitty would find his home. He went under some bushes so we walked home, he did not follow. DH took the food away b/c I was crying for no reason about this cat. We didn't see him all last night.

Today, I was still upset, so DH said that he figured since he didn't come around last night that someone took him in, probably found home. He said that if when we got home from work, he was around, we'd take him to the shelter and explain the situation and see what they say. As I go to the mailbox, I hear him crying for me. He was waiting on the patio. I went inside, got him some treats and rushed to Petco for a crate. I got one and got home and got him in. As I did that, a neighbor came over. He's been feeding him too and got somewhat attached to him. He said he's a great cat, so cute, etc. He's a cat guy too, he has 2. I asked if he wanted him, he said he already has 2 cats and the assn rules state only two animals...meanwhile, ppl have TONS of dogs and cats! So we chatted for awhile and I took Kitty to the shelter.

Once there, the lady was unpersonable and rigid. There were a ton of cats there, so I didn't like Kitty's chances of getting adopted or claimed. The lady said there's a waiting list so I'm assuming that some people are trying to get rid of their cats, so when a spot opens, they call the owner and ppl can surrender the cats? So I spoke with her some more and she said that there's a colony of cats in our development (we've been here for 3 years, this is the FIRST cat I've seen!) where people feed the cats and they bring them in to get checked up, spayed, etc. then let back out in the wild by us. People still feed them as outside cats and they can't reproduce since they're fixed, to bring down the population. When she looked at Kitty she said he's probably from the colony and needed his ear clipped, NO, I said, he is NOT from the colony or his ear would be clipped already. She took my number and my license and make a copy. I asked what would happen with Kitty and she said he'll be on 'hold' for 7 days for someone to claim. If nobody claims him, on day 8 he will go up for adoption. I just have a bad feeling that he won't get taken care of and will either be put to sleep (it's a no-kill but she mentioned she had no room for him, so I'm terribly worried) or they will dump him out here again. Let me just say that if I find out any of that, I will be owning that adoption place!
I just hope they do the right thing with this kitty....he's a GREAT cat! If, when we get home from MD and he's still there, we're going to adopt him. I'll pay the fee since they will do the fixing, vaccines, etc. Also, the guy neighbor is going to talk to his boyfriend about adopting the kitty as well. So cross your fingers.

This week has been a terrible roller coaster for me. I've been crying uncontrollably about Kitty. When he was here crying I couldn't take that I'm home and he's not here, I'm crying again. Little things set me off. DH doesn't understand b/c I'm not a cat person....I can't stand cats....but this little guy found us and I feel I've betrayed him by putting him in a crate and taking him there. People say I did the right thing...he will get treament if he needs, fixed, fed the right foods, etc. If he finds a loving home before we get home, then it was not meant to be with us owning him....but my heart is breaking.


Precious said...

You did the right thing but I know how you are feeling. It will get better.

LittlePeopleWealth said...

I'm so sorry - you did the right thing.