Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back Home in Jersey!

I'm finally back home in Jersey! YIPPEE! I was gone for two whole weeks and didn't really post any blogs, as I didn't really hound or save money since work paid for everything! I did hit Safeway for Vitamin Water for .77 cents and some snacks for $1 a piece, normally $2.49. I did some grocery shopping Friday when we got home. I wanted to stock up on meats on sale at Shop Rite, but we went at about 9pm, so all the good meats that were all sale were gone. Ah well.

Update on Lucky (Kitty). She is officially our kitty! I filled out the paperwork while on travel for work and faxed it in. When we came home Friday, we made some donations to the shelter and to visit her. She had just gotten spayed so she seemed all doped up. She was very quiet as well. I don't think she knew who we were. Today was her day to come home, so we cleaned, got her bed set up, got her litter box situated and went to get her. She hasn't been eating since about Wed. or Thursday...she only picks a little here and there. She also popped a hernia after the spaying, so she can't come home. When I went there and said we were taking her home, they were like 'Nobody called you?" I'm like no why? That's when they told me. I was a little irritated that nobody called me, but they're lucky I live a block away LOL. They took her out for us and told us to hold her and pet her, maybe it'd put her in a better mood, so we stayed with her for awhile. She started wagging her tail a bit, and I took that as that she was happy/content, but the woman that was there visiting the other cats said 'No, when they do that, it means they're agitated.' we gave Lucky back and the lady there said to call tomorrow afternoon. The vet was going to look at her again today and see if she's making any progress......poor Lucky :(

When we saw her both times, she's shedding like anything! DH had a white shirt on which was black when he was done holding her. Also, she had this big dandruff type flakes on her, which she did NOT have at all when we took her this common after vaccines and spaying? Not sure what it was, but it looks like big dandruff flakes...and it's sooooo easy to spot b/c she's a black kitty.

I was very upset when we left, so we went and picked up my parents dog since he is going to be home alone all day as my parents are at a BBQ.


Martivir said...

Some cats do wag their tails when pleased. My parents cat does it all the time. And she's a fellow black kitty with a killer case of dandruff. It happens every time she is bathed and Lucky was most likely given a bath since I know at my local shelter all incoming animals are given one. Once the natural oils of her skin build back up she'll look better. The one time we had to give Trinity a bath because she got into something nasty the dry skin was coming off in large flakes. So it's probably just that.

spaghetti0625 said...

Martivir: Thanks! She was probably just uncomfortable with all the pain she's in. My mom says it's a sign and I shouldn't adopt her. I felt like telling her that if I was born sick and things kept going wrong, would she just leave ME in the hospital? I don't think so! Ah, so when we bathe her, this will normally/typically happen? Good to know!

centralillinoisian said...

I do not recommend bathing your cat regularly unless she is not cleaning herself. I did this once. I will never bathe another cat again. Most cats do a fine job of keeping their coats clean, so unles Lucky gets into something awful, just let her do her own cleaning/grooming.

Martivir said...

Yeah giving a cat a bath isn't recommended. Trinity has only had one bath in her life and that was because she wasn't paying attention to where she flopped down and landed right where my brother had dropped the rabbit's litter pan. My brother's arm had four parallel gashes from her claws. Cats are self cleaning so no baths needed.

And she probably was in pain and irritated. I mean her life has changed so much recently and being a cat she may not see it as for the better right now. She went from roaming free, chasing rodents to her heart's content and sleeping on nice warm patios to getting stuck in a cage, is in pain from something she doesn't understand, bathed and probably just wants to go home. She just needs time. And lots of love and treats.

spaghetti0625 said...

I've always seen/heard that cats don't like baths, but some people I'm seeing bathe them all the time, and they like it! I think maybe when we get her home, we'll try it and see what she does. I did see those wet ones things for cats, and some hand brushes, which is what she'll need. Maybe I can look for some non-bath shampoo, esp since she's shedding like anything and prolly smells bad from all that stuff. She did walk around in the rain when it did rain, so maybe she likes water :)
I went onto the shelter page and saw her....she's under 'recently adopted' it says she's friendly, house trained and now spayed. It says the person that found her as a stray adopted her (that's me!) I can't wait to get her home so she can roam around freely and I have TONS of treats and toys for her....all ready to go...just need Lucky!