Tuesday, April 24, 2012

30 Days to a Cleaner Home - Day 6

Recap, Day 1, Day 2 , Day 3., Day 4. and Day 5

Today's project was to clean out the vehicles.  This proved hard to do this weekend for us since it was cold and rainy. Normally on a nice warm spring weekend, we will clean out all our vehicles (Mustang, Camry and Explorer...nothing fancy, newest one is a 2004!  Every time I say I have 3 vehicles people think I'm rich...if they only saw our cars, they'd know we are not!)  It was very cool this weekend and it rained a lot, so we put this one off until a nice weekend comes by.

The smaller project was to pick up odds and ends around the house, which we were doing anyways, so that's that. 

So here's another shot of 7 more things to take out of our house:

Top left is a Partylite piece I'm going to sell.  Purple doesn't really match anything in here.  Then there's the free nail file kit DH got when buying me the Hair Bean. I have plenty of that stuff, so I'm just throwing it away since it's cheap stuff anyway.  Ah, my fan.  I've had that fan/heater for YEARS.  I really didn't want to part with it.  I kept it next to my bed for days I felt sick.  I believe I'd had that one fan since high school.  I remember bringing it to field hockey camp since we were told there was no A/C in the dorms.  Yikes.  And it has gotten me through many sicknesses. When i feel like I'm about to vomit,the cool air on my face helps tremendously.  It also helps since it's not quiet when the neighbors upstairs are um, well you know where the bed squeeks.  The past year or so, when I turn the fan part on, it almost short ciruits and it gets a loud high pitched squeel.  So DH got me another fan for my birthday.  At first I was upset and kept this fan....but it's time is up to hit the garbage.Then the four sets of sweatpants are DH's that he has outgrown and doesn't wear anymore.  They are getting donated.


Kathy said...

I need to do some heavy house cleaning. However, weekends have been so busy. Going to Las Vegas 5-12/18. My SIL lives there so this time we are staying with her. Going to Planet Hollywood to see Tony & Tina's Wedding (Dinner show where you are part of the "reception". sounds fun. Going back to Red Rock and Hoover Dam to see and drive over the new bridge and then some gambling of course at difference places. Maybe when I return I'll have time for housework. You know it will wait for you!!!

spaghetti0625 said...

OMG I'm soooo jealous of you! I would love nothing more then to go to Vegas! But...this fear of flying thing...UGH!
We needed to do it too. Today we were invited to go play poker and some nice events at the casinos, but I opted out to clean....wow...so not like me!
If you have time out there, I highly recommend it...well not personally, but you know hahahaha.
Hope to see some pics when you get back!
Yes....this is true...the housework will always be waiting on you when you get back hahahaa.