Friday, August 20, 2010

Shop Rite 8-20-2010 LOVING IT!

I know I haven't posted a grocery deal lately, but in the past few weeks I've been scoring some FAB deals! And I know that once I post this, all the awesome deals will come to an end. Anyways, here goes:

First Trip this morning before work:
--4 Hefty Trash Bags - $1.24 on sale, used 4 (.55/1 qs), each came to $.14 a piece (.56)

Second Trip during lunch:
--4 Hefty Trash Bags - $1.24 on sale, used 4 (.55/1 qs), each came to $.14 a piece (.56)
--8 O-Cello sponges (4 count in each) - $1.19 on sale, used 4 (.75/2) came to 3.52/8 is .44 a piece.
--2 Chock Full O Nuts Coffee - $1.99 on sale, used 2 (.55/1) came to .89 each
--3 Right Guard Total Defense 5 - $1.99 on sale used 1 $3/2 and 1 $1/1, came to $1.97 each AND you get a $3 Cat for purchasing 3, making this a $1.03 money maker!
(Also used a $2 cat with this transaction)

All in all I spent OOP $6.90 for 2nd trip and .56 for the 1st trip making that $7.46 OOP and getting back $3 in CATS, making that $4.46 actually spent :)


mb said...

I can't believe you went to Shoprite this week and resisted the Blue Bunny champ cones deal. I couldn't! :)

spaghetti0625 said...

mb: I didn't have those coupons! I checked my ALL YOU magazines and didn't see any. I did stock up on a lot of frozen items the past few weeks, and my freezer AND chest freezer are packed to the rim! :)