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Drama Filled Ladies Event (Borgata Summer Open) 6/19/2010

Only 85 women and 2 men entered the Ladies Event on Saturday, making the field a lowly 87 players. They normally do the ladies events on Sundays, and they threw us a loop and made it for Saturday, which is why some feel that the turnout was so low.
I got there really early to beat the summer traffic and had about 2 hours to spare when we arrived. I played the new Amazing Race slot machine (do NOT sit at the two right next to the Sex and the City Slot. They are off on their own and not hooked up to the other ones. While I played, the other Amazing Race slots hit the bonus thing 2 times!).

At 1155, the tournament director started going over the rules, etc. many tables only had a few people playing so it looks like they expected more players then we got. After the 1st round, more people trickled in. In the beginning, i didn't play many hands, but I did take note of the players. Some regular tighter players, then the normal loose players. Two girls at my table of 5-6 were very loose. One made a raise pf with blinds at 500 and 100 and the other girl called. Betting on the flop and turn and both are in it to the river. A bet on the river, they are both still in it. One had like jack six off the other had queen 7 off (pf raiser) and she hit a 7 on the river. NO idea what the other girl was in for (no straight or flush draws). So at least I knew how my table was going.

I hit a few nice hands flopping sets, 2 pair, etc. When the blinds were either 75 150 or 100 200, I got dealt pocket nines with a few limpers in front of me. I raise it up and got two callers. Flop is Jack, 9 4 with 2 hearts. Checks to me, I bet out. One girl folds, girl next to me (who was very nice by the way) raises me. I instantly go all in. She hesitates for a minute, now I know she's not sitting on pocket jacks b/c that would have been an insta call. I put her maybe on a mid to high flush draw, then she calls. She’s like ‘Do you have pocket jacks?” and I’m like ‘Nope’ and she flips over pocket fours for a flopped set of fours. She has a one outer that doesn’t come on the turn or river ‘phew!’ so I took her out. I felt back b/c we only had a handful of people at our table and she was nice. Most of the girls hate taking other girls out in the ladies events.

So, early on, I’m double up to just about 20k in chips, so I’m feeling good. Then a guy comes to our table...uh oh. Girl to my left hates when guys enter the ladies event and he lets him have it, she didn’t stop. I thought it was hilarious. I almost felt bad for the guy because he seemed kind of dorky and was so nervous when talking. He even came back at her, which I thought “good for him”. I don’t want to open a debate on whether or not a guy should/could enter a tourney, b/c I can honestly fight either side (which is why I wanted to go to law school, but I chose love over that….but that’s an entirely different topic).

The guy harped on the girl pretty badly as well…whichever. It was fun to listen to the banter. Then all heck broke loose. You’ll read about a ‘rude dude’ on the Borgata blog in the ladies event and how he kept complaining to the floor. Well, yours truly was at the table so I can give you a firsthand report! I think we were at the 3rd or 4th blind level, I don’t really remember. I was in a rut of crappy hands, so alls I know is I folded this hand. I was in seat 7, rude dude was in seat 10. Rude dude makes it 700 to go, girl in seat 2 goes all in. Dealer grabs his 700, and her 700 so the guy will know what he needs to call. Everyone else folds and I know (b/c I saw with my own two eyes!) that I couldn’t even see seat 10’s cards (at this point, I had NO clue what the action was b/c I wasn’t really following along, but I was looking around and rude dude was right across from me). So here’s the drama. Dealer doesn’t see rude dude’s cards (nobody did) and the dealer gives the chips to seat 2, and after they are directly in front of her, she throws her cards in. (This part I’m watching). She’s stacking her chips up, and then rude dude is like ‘Wait, what’s going…, I call!’ Now, being a JERK that he was (yes he was a jerk keep following the story). We all perk up and the dealer realizes he made a mistake. He didn’t wash the cards yet, but if that kid was going to call he woulda done so as soon as seat 9 folded (he claims he had queens later on). So now the floor comes over….now he’s yelling that he wants Tab over there (who had gone home for the day already) and the floor people tried to make a ruling amidst 6 people telling them how it all went down. (I just watched). The ruling ended up being that it was a dealer error, and the girl that went all in had to pay rude dude 700 to match his bet and they would go to the cameras to see who else was in the pot, blinds, etc. to give him back his money. WELL, he wanted her to match his whole stack! There were about even in chips, I believe she had a little more then him. They won’t severly cripple a player on a dealer error…and the way it went down on his part was bad. He knew the dealer made a mistake and being a jerk, wanted to ‘money in on it’ We were yelling at him, making jokes, etc. Finally, I told Dave (floor manager for the tourney) to just flip over the kid’s cards (you can’t do it, but it woulda been fun!) to see if he really would have called. The kid made so many plays at pots with nothing to try to steal blinds. In one hand, when I was chipleader at my table, I was in the small blind for 75 150. Big blind was empty so we just put the chips in…he raises to 1000. So everyone folds, and I look at him. ‘Why’d you make your bet so big?” and he’s like ‘I want to steal the dead money in the pot’. I look down at my stack and point, then point at my small blind. “Does my stack look like dead money to you?” He answers ‘No’ and I’m like “okay then”. I look at my hand..garbage. I fold saying that even if I had aces, it wouldn’t be worth to call all that money (just to make him feel dumb for raising so much). I’ve done that in the past, raised too much, and I can honestly say, and I’ve told the table after I did it, that it was my error for throwing in the wrong color chip(s). And it’s funny b/c it’s the honest truth. Anywho, I really wanted to see his cards b/c I guarantee he didn’t have queens, made a play at the pot raising to 700 then just playing on the dealer’s honest mistake. Idiot.
So at this point, he’s irate, he wants his whole stack doubled, he’s telling the floor people he wants Tab called at home, etc. We FINALLY move onto the next hand and he’s still whining. I no longer feel bad for him. Finally, he’s still yelling and complaining and I lose it. I tell him that even if the hand played out like it’s supposed, and he called, he could have been knocked out, so he should be happy he’s still in and to put his big girl panties on, and play the next hand. At this, the table erupted (get it, big girl panties, he’s a guy….). So that was that.
Few hands later, I’m under the gun and get pocket 8’s. I raise it up 3 times the blind, seat one goes all in. Something in my gut called out ‘ACE KING!’ and when it came to me, I insta called (didn’t even think about it). Sure enough, ace king! So off to the races! Nothing for her on the board, I win and take another girl out. So I’m feeling pretty good about my calls.

One hand I’m not so proud of is when I was under the gun with pocket deuces. I hate them, I insta fold, don’t even call the blind…something said ‘don’t call!’ Girl in seat 9 pops it to 1700 (blinds were 150 300 I believe). Yikes…good thing I folded I think. 3 way all in on the flop….and of course there’s a 2…grrrr! I would taken 3 girls out in one hand had I called. But even if I called the blind, I doubt I was calling the 1700 raise anyways. Ah well, can’t win em all!

After a little while, we get moved to new tables, I go to table one (right next to the ladies room..bonus!). Antes are now in play (I hate that). Blinds are getting up there 500 1000 and I’m not getting anything! I did get 2 walks at the new table, so that was good. I’m on the button and I get ace queen suited spades (yay! A hand I can play!) and I raise to like 7k or something like that. (blinds are like 1 2k) One girl calls. I’m almost pot committed as more then half my stack is out there (the blinds killed me!). Flop is jack king rag, one spade. Girl checks, I push all in she insta calls and has king jack for two pair…ouch. I say ‘good hand’ grab my purse and a 10 hits the turn (giving me a straight) and the river is a rag, I double up to over 30k, so I’m happy. I felt like an idiot for pushing all in, but whatever….she was cool about it though.

We go on another break and blinds are up when we return. Once again, I’m card dead. I win a few smaller hands here and there. Then I’m on the button and get ace king suite clubs. I raise to 5500 or something or maybe it was 11k, I don’t remember…the girl (same girl from last hand) raises me, I go all in, she calls…aces. DANG NABIT! She was making plays at so many pots, I figured she was raising me to scare me…ah well…I hit NOTHING on the flop, turn and river are blanks and I’m out. I think back that I coulda folded after she re-raised me, but my guy had been spot on ALL day! I couldn’t go against it…but I followed it and out I was. So many ladies say their ace king went up against aces and the big slick got them knocked out of the tournament, so it was fitting I left the same way. Hubby Mike was playing with a woman that I see playing all the time (great poker player) and she told Hubby Mike that I’m a great poker player and she has great respect for me….that was sooooo nice of her! She also gave Hubby Mike some pointers to give to me at cash games and to not play 2 5 at the B because of too many teams…she said if I wanted to move up to 2 5 to go to Harrahs. I’m unsure of how accurate her statement is of 2 5 at the B. I’ve played numerous times and did quite well (knock on wood) and I know a ton of regulars at the 2 5 games….so we’ll see.

Like I said…the ladies event was drama filled.

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