Monday, August 23, 2010

I Keep It Rolling! 8/20/2010 Shop Rite and Rite Aid

So, after reading Frugalsuz's post about free binders at Rite Aid, well, I just HAD to go. DH makes fun of me because I'm a frequent shopper at Staples each week (LOVE REBATES and FREE stuff!) and I buy stuff because it's pennies or free, even though I have nowhere to put it :) So, off to pick up my best friend and off we go. He is also on the same page as DH but since he's not my DH, he can't stop me from shopping (evil grin). Here's what I got at Rite Aid AND Shop Rite:

I wanted to get 10 binders, but only had 6 left. I was also uneasy about the $2 off each one when they were BOGO (I figured they would say, it's already free so you can't use a coupon) but here's how it all broke down:

--6 Mead Binders $4.99 each and BOGO equals $29.94 - 14.97 (BOGO) = $14.97-6 $2 off qs = 2.97
--4 packs of Stride gum $1 each = $4. Used BOGO Qs so $2 for all 4
--Used $3 off Up reward and $1 off $10 of school supplies.
--4.97-4= .97, tax was 1.19 so I paid OOP $3 and change. Not too shabby!

SO, I had some blinkie Qs from SR for the Right Guard deodarant that I wanted to use up, so I dragged my friend with me. I grabbed 3 more blinkies and 3 Right Guard Total Defense 5. Here's what I did:
--3 Right Guard at 1.99 on sale = 5.97- $3 ($1/1 times 3) = 2.97 plus tax. Used $3CAT OOP is .39 (tax).
Went to the car, and did it again. I also did it once more Saturday with DH (not pictured) and got 3 more....they are PAYING me to take it out of the store, so I will just donate the ones DH doesn't like. I pay OOP .39 and get $3 CAT, I'm MAKING money! And the blinkies were right there, with a BIG sign about the CAT deal!


frugalsuz said...

Great job! You can print out RA's coupon policy from if you want. It clearly states you can use two coupons on a BOGO sale.

spaghetti0625 said...

Thanks frugalsuz! I'm going to do that and carry it with me :)