Saturday, August 8, 2009

2 GREAT Hounding Days: 8/5 at Shop Rite and 8/6 at ACME

This was my Shop Rite trip on Wednesday. I got all the ground beef 50% off the ALREADY sale prices (80% was 1.00 a pound!!!). DH was very happy because as we walked past the meats, he was like 'No ground beef?' I said, 'No, it's on sale, but not rock bottom, maybe next week.' A few minutes later, the guy came on the PA 'Right now in the meat dept, all ground beef is 50% the sales prices' So off we went!
I got a CAT for buying 5 Kimberly Clark items (Viva, Cottonelle) so that was good. The grapes were on sale for .99/lb and they are a great snack item while I busy at work. I got the OJ for FREE because I had a FREE coupon as were the International Delights (printable coupon). The Giants grocery bags were also free from a previous CAT deal and the Aquafresh was .19 each after sale and coupon. All in all, my original total before savings was 110.95 and I paid OOP 33.64 for a savings of 70%!

This was my first transacation at ACME. I was on lunch with two co-workers, so I ran in with them, took my friend's keys, got my stuff, checked out and put it in the truck...came back in to do my 2nd transactions. The two of them hadn't even put an item in their cart yet...I was that quick! These were $1 a piece on sale, and this wa included in the Buty $30 of GM etc get a $15 CAT. So OOP was $12 and I got back $15 in CATS...$3 moneymaker!

This was my second transaction during lunchtime. I did make the boo boo that I should have gotten ONLY the HN Cheerios and the Cinn Toast Crunch as they were the ones on the buy $30 get $15 CAT deal (DH doesn't like Kix). So I got those, some Cookie Crisp, Trix and Strawberry Chex. When I got up to pay, I gave my Qs and my CATS and wound up paying 7.50 OOP and only getting $15 in CATS. When I got back to work and figured out shelf prices, I figured that maybe I can only get $15 in CATS in one transaction...then realized my boo boo by buying the ones NOT in the CAT deal...all well...still got 14 boxes of cereal for only 7.50 and getting $15 in CATS!

Back at work, my one co-worker didn't get her $30 CAT and she did go up to the customer service desk and they weren't really helpful and my co-worker screamed at me 'I'm not going shopping with you no more!' I thought she was serious then she started laughing. PHEW! At work, I realized that some of her items were not on that list and one of them she got the wrong one (she got Stewart's instead of IBC) so she wanted to go back after work....told her not to twist my arm so much :) So, we worked some OT together (so quiet after everyone else leaves!) and we went to ACME after work. This was my 3rd transaction of the day. I got a bunch of misc items that we needed anyways and I made it so it was all included in the CAT deal. All in all for this one, I paid 2.36 OOP and used $10 in cats (total came to $12 and change, didn't want to waste another $5 CAT) so I got to save a $5 CAT for next time, AND got $15 more! YIPPEE!

I went to my car (which I had already filled up my trunk during lunch) and now I had to put the bags in the backseat. I went back in to get more cereal. I got 7 more boxes (21 total for the day) and got ONLY the HN Cheerios and the Cinn Toast Crunch. I only no coupons (darn!) but I did get a CAT for the Skippy PBJ I think for $1. The total came to $13 so I used $10 in CATS, plus a $1 CAT. So I paid $2 OOP and got back $15 more CATS. I have $25 CATS to use! YIPPEE!

I made a joke to DH b/c at SR, he complained about no ground beef, and the gods spoke to us and gave us 50% off. That night, he said we don't have much cereal left, then I stumble across this ACME deal on Hounding with Frugalsuz (she's got some AWESOME deals!). Wonder what DH wants next......


frugalsuz said...

Go girl! Great job!!

Together We Save said...

Wow! Good job.

Lisa B. said...

Dang girl! I would love to scarf up some cheap ground beef like that!

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