Saturday, March 14, 2009

Maryland Bound

Tomorrow, I'll be Maryland bound for a few days. It's a big conference type thing that I got invited to from the big wigs at work. Should be interesting. Hubby Mike is coming with me, as always. We talked about that the other day, why I can't go alone. My parents go to week long work functions or family stuff alone sometimes and it's no big deal. However, Mike says that his parents would never go somewhere without the other, it's just the way his family does things, so he does the way he sees fit. Um, okay. I just figured he didn't trust me LOL. But it's cute that he doesn't want his wifey all alone in some big city :)

Today, we went out and ran a ton of errands and did NOT get to the SA Parade :( I was bummed that we didn't get to booze it up, but I'm better off not having a hangover while hanging w/ the big wigs at work tomorrow in Maryland. Since we decided not to move out of the condo anytime soon, we decided we wanted to renovate a bit, so we got a new kitchen sink (it's only 6 inches in depth and if you wash a plate or something, it's like waterworks over here...I get drenched and the whole counter gets soaked, so we got a 10 inch depth one), vertical blinds for the spare room (there are custom made ones in there now, but they are horizontal and it's got two of them on there b/c the windows are so wide, I've been wanting to get verticals for a long time, now I said that if Hubby gets his sink, I get my blinds!), and we also got a big organizer type closet to put my stockpiled stuff!! YAY! Took Hubby awhile to get it out of the shelf at the Depot, it weighed so much! We had to have my neighbor come over to help carry it in. So that's Hubby Mike's 'project' the next few weeks. I'm sure my dad will probably do the sink himself. He tried to tell Hubby Mike how to do it, then said 'Oh, well I'll probably just do it myself' My dad is Mr. Handy, and Hubby Mike is complete opposite! LOL

So, this will be my last post until I return on Tuesday!


Debtfreemommy said...

Have a safe trip. I think thats so sweet that your husband wants to travel with you for those reasons.

jskell911 said...

Enjoy your time in MD! I have heard it is beautiful in some areas

Becca said...

OOOH, you'll be in my neck of the woods! I hope you enjoy your trip!

spaghetti0625 said...

Eh, Maryland this time around isn't tooo bad. Not sure if there's much around here. We arrived at 4 yesterday, then had a social from 6:30-9, then we went out to dinner w/ some friends since the social time only had appetizers. Outback is like right next to the hotel! Today was an all day w/ the big wigs...7-5, then an hour off for personal time, then 6-9 dinner. I am now in the room relaxing :)
Becca: I'm in Hunt Valley right now, and going to Aberdeen tomorrow....I know Baltimore is right around here. I'm heading home tomorrow at noon, but the rest of the ppl are going to Inner Harbor and eating at McCormick and somthing or other :0)

Chicagolandia said...

Hope you enjoy your trip, I love that your hubby wants to go with you. Have fun!