Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Pregnancy: How We Found Out

As some of you may already know, DH and I had been talking and planning on TTC.  I went off my BCP in the summer time and got some shots that I knew I needed to get over the summer as well.  I wanted. After the shots, I had to wait about a month to TTC, so I waited a few months before we TTC.  Well, when we finally decided to try to conceive, it worked right away!  I wasn't expecting that at all, given both our ages (I'm 32, DH is 35).  We tried when I was ovulating and figured we'd wait and see if AF would come that month.

Well, 6 days prior to AF, I decided, on a whim to take a HPT and pee on a stick.  We were going out with two friends we hadn't seen since our wedding (about 5 years ago) and we were going to drink and have a great time.  DH went into the shower, and I was like, "Well, this test says I can take it 6 days before my missed period, why not." So DH said "Okay, try it".  So as he went into the shower, I got the stick out, read the directions and I did it.  Then I set it down, got out my outfit to wear to kill the time.  As I walked back into the bathroom, I yelled out 'come on double line!'  Don't ask why I yelled it, but I did.  DH giggled in the shower.  So when I looked, and saw two pink lines, I was like 'OMG!'  So I opened the shower door and DH is like 'What?' And I showed him.  He asked what it meant, and I told him.  He was like 'Do another one'. I told him I already went, and can't do it again if I don't have to go.  Then I got into panic mode. Were we ready, were we REALLY ready for this?  I cried a bit, and he calmed me down.  We were so late to my friends house (and we were to bring the alcohol no less!) so when we finally arrived, I had to come up with some lame excuse as to why I couldn't drink.  But nonetheless, we still had a blast.

I called my sister before we left to go out as she has been HOUNDING me for YEARS to have a baby, and I knew I couldn't keep it a secret from her.  So I called and told her.  So she was the only one we told at that time, until it was confirmed with the dr.  She was sooooo excited and happy for me what we were pregnant, and she was going to be a Cioci (polish for aunt). 

It was so hard to be with friends that night and not be able to tell them the news.  I also ran into my aunt at Shop Rite on our way out with our friends and I couldn't tell her either....we were just SOOOOOO excited and it was so hard not to yell it out to everyone :) 

Here is the first picture of me pregnant!  This was me that night at my friend's house....little did anyone know.....:)

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