Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Choice of Being a SAHM or a Working Mom

Since DH and I have been talking much more lately about having a LO soon, I keep contemplating in my head about whether to be a SAHM for a Working Mom.  Both options have both their pros and cons, but I can honestly say I'm very torn.  It's not something that can be taken lightly, and I'm a planner by nature. 

I follow a lot of blogs where the mother is a SAHM and makes money blogging. I recently signed up for a blogging class with Blogelina where she helps set you up with a GoDaddy account (note: if I ever wanted to make my own site, I would use GoDaddy.  I have done research on it, and it seems the best for your money) and goes step by step how to start blogging and make money doing so.  I would LOVE to be a SAHM when we do decide to have babies, BUT, then I think 'Why did I go to school and get my master's and have school debt to stay home?'.  I admire each of these women that decide to stay home and show pics of their BEAUTIFUL children.  I would love to do that, then maybe go back to work when they go to school, but then I think I can homeschool then maybe, as that seems to be a big thing on the blogosphere as well. 

I'm thinking a lot about it today because I'm home today.  I'm supposed to be sitting home resting my wrist, but I can't just sit still so I'm on the computer.  I have my wrist in a brace so typing doesn't bother me, it never did to type. But I decided to stay home to let my wrist rest.  If I go to work, I have to drive there and move my wrist, and also moving things at work, opening drawers, etc. The doctor wants me to rest my wrist so I figured I'd stay home to let my wrist rest.  Not to mention I was up until about 5am with bad tummy pains.  I'm not sure if it's from the meds I'm on for my wrist or something I ate, but I knew I had to take my pills again this morning, and I didn't want to be at work and take them and have a bout of the tummy troubles again.  Plus, I got about 45 minutes of sleep ALL night, so not sure getting in the car to drive 45 minutes away was the best of ideas.  BUT, i always feel guilty not going in to work when I call out.  I know this is for my health here, but I'm a saver by nature and hate using sick time...I like accumulating the sick time.  And since I started in December, I don't have as much sick time as I did at my old job. 

So now I'm home and my head is doing nothing but going, going going, thinking, thinking, thinking.

Did you choose to be a SAHM mom or be a working mom?  What was the one thing that pushed you to do either or?  Any advice to give to a worrier/planner/thinker by nature?

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