Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This Blogger's View on the Kardashian/Hump Divorce

With all the media hype around the Kardashian Divorce, I just wanted to offer my opinion on the whole thing.

I never used to be a Kardashian fan...I wouldn't watch their shows, care about when they were coming to town, nothing. Then about a year or so ago, I was watching one of the shows. It was on after something I was watching and I left the TV on while I cleaned, not really watching it, just background noise....but it was enticing. I kept finding myself not being able to turn away from the TV. It was a marathon or whatever of the show, so when my husband came home from work, I was still watching it. He was like 'What are you watching?' and I told him it's a good show. At first he was reluctant, but he started liking it too!!!!!

So I became a Kardashian fan. Hate all you want, but Kris Jenner has formed a complete empire with her girls. She looks great after all these years herself and her daughters are all beauties. Many women hate them because they are jealous of them. I admit I was one of them. They are beautiful, rich, successful, etc. Granted a lot of people say they are only rich off of other people, but even if that's true, you have to admit you wouldn't be mad if that was YOU making that money.

Enter Kris Hump. A big Doofus if you ask me. Never liked him from the get go. And when he was in the Wedding planning part of the show, moron. Every man knows you sit back and let the girls take center stage....they get what they want. Even as we watched it, my husband is like 'Is he an idiot...why is he even talking about what HE wants at the wedding?' And then being late, growing a mustache, hating on her flags!

Do I think the wedding was a sham/fake? Absolutely not. I really think Kim is all about family. She has stated numerous times she wants a huge family like she has now, and she's not getting younger. Meaning, if she wants her huge family, she needs to have babies RIGHT now. She also sees how her mom pressures her sister Kourtney to marry Scott since they have a baby together. So she wants to make Mama Jenner happy, get married then have kids. However, she also believes in love within a family. I think she found Kris, fell in lust, mistaking it for love, and got married, quick. That way they can have kids. She was also quoted in saying she wanted kids right after the wedding. She also wants to have a baby when Kourtney has number two and Khloe has number 1.

I applaud Kim for realizing she wasn't in love with Kris, whether it was because he's a doofus, unemployed or pressured her to move to Minnesota. I heard his comment on the upcoming season that by time the kids are in school nobody will know Kim's name. Now, that's a tad messed up since KIM bought her OWN engagement ring, and nobody knew Kris' name before Kim came along. Yea, that pad you were living in New York and LA? All Kim. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. I live in NJ and follow sports a big, not a lot, but I do. and I NEVER heard about this Kris guy until Kim. He's not even that good a basketball player!!!!! Get a job!!!!!!

I do hope Kim finds a NICE guy that will treat her well. A cute one we can see some cute babies!

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Kathy said...

I agree. I also hit the marathon Kardashian day and I applaud them for building their empire. I also had never heard of Kris before Kim dated him and I follow basketball (some). However, it saddens me what makes the "headlines" these days. We have servicemen/women losing lives and limbs and we worry about all this nonsense. I don't think Kim will miss a trip to the bank because of the divorce!!!!