Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Borgata Ladies Event 11/13/2011 and Deep Stack 11/16/11

Hubby Mike and I took a weekend trip to AC the weekend of 11/12/11. The Borgata Fall Poker Open was going on, and they had a ladies event, and I LOVE playing the ladies events lol. We went down in the afternoon of the 12th, checked in to B, headed over to Bally's to get tix to the Price is Right Live show, then did some outlet shopping. My name was called to 'Come On Down' but I didn't win the prize, but got a T-shirt :)

Sunday morning we woke up and Hubby Mike went to Bread and Butter to get me a bagel and OJ for breakfast while I showered. This is something new that Jersey Jay told me I NEED to do. We had an in depth talk about food/eating and tournaments. I normally never eat before a tournament, but decided I'm going to. So I had my breakfast and headed down to register. I was seated at table 1, seat 2. Which I figured was good since it meant I wouldn't need to switch tables, so I got to sit and get very comfortable. I didn't play many hands as I saw I was at a very loose table. People would call big bets all the way to the river with ace high and hit an ace on the river. I did get lucky quite a few times with Ace King. Normally I HATE that hand, but it never lost for me in this tourney. I never had any big pre flop hands...my best hand was pocket 10's late in the tourney. I hovered over the 12k mark for quite awhile. As the blinds kept going up, I needed to keep shoving all in. I would get down to like 6500, then shove all in and nobody would call, so I'd be up to about 9500. I won a few double ups with my ace king, and chopped one with ace king. That last one was a killer though. Girl that just sat down with a ton of chips kept raising pre flop. So the one time she does, I look at ace king, and I shove. She calls, but she is shaking like a leaf. Either it's really good for me (nothing for her) or she has me dominated (bad for me). But she had ace king too. Pretty much a chop pot. She held the ace of hearts, and wouldn't you know, the flop was all hearts. I dodged two bullets on the turn and river (spade/club) and we chopped, but I still picked up some chips from the blinds and antes and limpers. A few all in wins later I was up to about 21k (short stack at my table). Same girl raises, I look down at pocket 10s (best hand pre flop I had) and I shove. She raised to about 3k when I shoved. Girl two to my left, Dawn, had a MONSTER chip stack and tanked for a few. She wasn't afraid of the other girl, but was trying to see if I was making a move or not. She finally folded, as did the other girl. I told Dawn I had my pocket 10s and she believed me...she's seen how I have played in the past. At one point, I was up to about 45k, from my 6500. It was only the matter of a few hands. I was texting Hubby Mike i'd be out soon, and I'd text 6500, 9700, 12k, 21k, 35k, 45k. He couldn't believe it. When we got down to the bubble, we all put in 10 bucks and I had about 42k and figured I would just fold every hand just to cash. I've had such a bad run ALL year and i didn't want to bubble NOW. I'd rather wait and fold and cash. Of course with the blinds and antes, I lost quite a few chips, but I made the cash! It was down to 18, and we redrew for seats...I got moved to table 2. Everyone had huge stacks, and I was short stacked. Jamie Kersetter busted in 18th, and pretty much I figured any ace or big card I'm shoving. Girl in the 2 seat min raised, I had an ace and shoved. I held ace 8, she held ace 10. She hit a 10 in the window and a 10 on the turn, so I was out in 17th. I wasn't mad, I cashed finally!

On Wednesday, I figured I'd press my luck and play that deep stack event. I went down with a girlfriend of mine, and we picked up a friend of ours on the way down. We waited for awhile to buy in, but made it in time before the tourney started. This was a re-entry event as well. My table had one guy that constantly raised, every hand...I'm not kidding. That was annoying. I didn't get involved in too many hands and the pots were huge in just the first level. I got killed in the 2nd or 3rd level. I was in the small or big blind and it was raised. One guy called, as did I. I had ace queen of clubs. Flop was Queen 3 7 (to clubs). So here I have top top and an ace high flush draw. I come out betting, raiser folds, guy across from me calls. Turn is a red 4. Again, I bet out 3k this time. Guy calls. River was a red blank. I bet again, guy calls again. I flop over my ace queen. He looks at my cards, looks at the board...it almost looks as though he is folding, then flops over 3 4 off. Really? You call a pre flop raise with that, I come out firing, and you call with bottom pair, shitty kicker? Really? then he goes "I thought you flopped a set' Um, okay, then why are you calling then? Really dude? ugh, so at that point, I so just want to bust out and re enter. I'm short stacked now and pissed off. I never even won a hand at that table, not one. I busted out in the 8th level and figure I'm going to re-buy. I waited in line for 45 minutes to rebuy...I knew I shouldn't have bought back in. By time I got my ticket, got my chips and seated, right in the big blind...surrounded by monster stacks...great. blinds were 600 1200 200 ante. And of course, the small blind raises (just us two). I have king ten of hearts, so I call...he comes out firing on the flop (nothing for me, not even a draw) and I fold. I didn't get many hands in on this table. Let's say it was a bad day.

I did profit $100 playing cash (I call this a win b/c I haven't done anything in cash all year as well). So I had fun with that and may not have cashed in the tourney, but made some money back in cash.

WSOP starts next week at Harrahs...planning on playing event 1...anyone else?


Kathy said...

That is all greek to me. I can't understand if you won or lost. LOL

spaghetti0625 said...

A little of both.

Made some money in the ladies event, last some playing another event, then just played good old cash games and won some :)