Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Read over your Bills and Fight for Yourself!

Okay, so not the best title, but I couldn't think of something snazzy or anything, but I wanted to get a few points across to everyone. Now that I'm unemployed, I figured I would have the time to keep my home tidy, do dishes, wash floors, etc everyday. But I'm finding I DON'T have the time. Whether it's a friend needing a favor, or my mom needing a ride somewhere since she can't drive for a few months, I have no ME time. And by ME time I don't mean watching TV or reading (although I have a few books to still read that I haven't had time to since I left the working world). But what I have been having to do is call companies or email them to fight for what's due to me...or what I feel is due to me. Here goes:

When DH and I went on vacation after I lost my job, we encountered two huge issues. We had gone into a Starbucks to get a frap after window shopping in high end stores. We walk in and after we did about 7 people followed. We placed our order and moved to the section where you pick up your order. Everyone followed suit and we all stood there in the order in which we placed our orders. People in front of us got their drinks, then we were next. But the person behind us got their first. But that was okay, it was a black coffee. Then everyone else behind us got their orders. Okay, the one guy was making the fraps so he was probably working on ours. Nope. So after the rush, we were left there alone, with no $6 frap. So the two men working started cleaning up. So DH is like 'Excuse me' Now, the guys had to have seen us standing there. We were right in front of them. No 'How can I help you' or anything, we had to call to their attention that we still didn't have our order, which was dated 15 minutes earlier. So we stood there for 15 minutes for a $6 drink. My DH tells him we didn't get our order, shows the receipt and he's like 'Are you sure?' Um, yes, I'm not holding a drink in my hand, so yea I'm sure we didn't get it. So the one makes it and gives it to us. No apology, no 'have a nice day' nothing. So on the way out, I grabbed the feedback form and planned to write a 'nastygram' as I call it when we returned home. I did, and I received a nice email back AND 4 coupons for free drinks, ANY size! That was nice of them.

Also, while on vacation, we were unable to use the indoor pool for two days (the reason we stayed at this particular place) And on another day, we had no TV all morning and all day. Not that I'm a TV watcher, but it was during the week and I like to watch a few shows (the news, Regis, Let's Make a Deal, Price is Right, etc) and I couldn't. So again, when we returned home, I wrote a nastygram and got upgraded to a suite during our next stay. I made our reservations first, then called for the upgrade today, but it's not in the system, so they forwarded me to the person that sent me the email...I'm currently waiting for a return call or email.

So it DOES pay to make your opinion count to companies. They want to make it right and don't want to leave a sour taste in your mouth, which is fine by me!

However, there are companies that make mistakes and you have to fight tooth and nail to get what's due. Since I came home from vacation, I'm finding a lot of errors on bills that I have to call up and fight, wait on hold, etc. First it was with Cablevision, although the woman I spoke to explained it. So what was due was right, it was just the way the bill read made it look like I had a past due balance. No biggie. I then got my Allstate car insurance bill. I could pay a set amount each month, or save $30 and pay it in full. So DH and I discussed it and decided $30 is $30 so I will pay it in full, then replenish the EF each month with what I would have paid to the car insurance. So I call to pay and to take myself off the Value Plan where it comes out of my account every month. My luck I'd pay in full and they would still take out the money each month. The guy I spoke to had a different amount then I had. I said no, that's the amount I pay if I do the monthly installments. On my bill it had that number, plus a number $30 if I pay in full. So he took my payment. The next day, I get a bill from Allstate for the $30. Really??? YOU send ME a bill saying if I pay in full it's this amount. I go to do that and it's wrong? REALLY? So I call back and the guy said they issued me a credit for the $30. WRONG's not a credit...YOU tell ME I owe this amount, it's IN writing! Why do I have to keep calling companies for THEIR mistakes!!!!?????

If any lesson is learned it's look over all your bills and fight for your rights! If you pay for something, you better get it...if not can get some free stuff out of the deal!

Is anyone else experiencing these same issues as of late? How did you handle it?


Michelle P said...

Uhh I hate that! I never get free stuff though or upgrades when I complain, so I almost feel like there's no hope.

Kathy said...

Good for you. However, all those things take time. If you were still working, you wouldn't even get around to it.

spaghetti0625 said...

Michelle: Thanks for your comment! I too used to be like that. I think it's because I was too nice. I'd complain in a nice way and ask for something, and be turned down and I would be like 'Okay thanks anyway!' But now I'm more assertive and almost demand it, or pretty much let them decide, like 'Looking forward to see how you can make this right' or something, so it kind of makes them feel obligated for the slight on me. But just be assertive, and if all else fails, keep going up the ladder. The managers are more likely to care about their customers then just an associate from what I've seen.

spaghetti0625 said...

Kathy: thanks for the comment! I know, if I was still working, I would have to do it on my lunch break! I normally took care of these things during my lunch hour....but I would take time out of my nightly routine the prior evening to prep for it.

Precious said...

Kudos to you for going after what you should have gotten in the first place. Don't get me going about bad customer service though. :-)

spaghetti0625 said...

Thanks Precious! I know how you feel! It's like customer service fell by the wayside. Is it too hard to smile and say have a great day anymore? Geesh!