Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I hate Walgreens!!!!!!

I've never liked the WAGS by my house, but it's RIGHT by my house and I hate driving out of my way to find a new one....so I ONLY go to WAGS when there's a great deal going on....and this week, there's a GREAT Moneymaking (MM) deal on Splenda...and I loves me some Splenda!

I called out sick yesterday from work and figured since it was nice out, I'd venture out to do some errands. Had to drop off a Blockbuster.com DVD into the mail (at 2:30pm yesterday...got the email bright and early this morning that they received it back AND that my next DVD is on the way! Wow! that's quick!), hit WAGs and hit the ATM for our money for the week to put in our envies (yup, we use the envelope method, it works GREAT!). So here's what happened at WAGs.

I had a $1 CAT to use by yesterday so I went before it expired. I also wanted to get some Stayfree (MM after Register Rewards (RR)) and the Splenda. They didn't have what I used for Stayfree (not even a spot for it) so I went to find the Splenda, figuring it would empty...full stock! YES! That's pretty much the best part of the story. So I grab 3, then head to the pen and pencil aisle for a filler for the CAT. Find a pencil sharpener for $1.19...that works. The splenda was $2.99 and I had a $3 q for each one, making each free and then the $1 cat making me pay the .19 plus tax....or so I thought.

So I got to the register....one open and the people are having an issue. It was an older woman with her even older mother. So I'm next in line. Cashier comes up to the next register and says 'I can take the next in line' So the even older mother pretty much runs me over to get in front of me as I casually stroll over to the next register (as I'm next in line, right?) to buy some folders or something. Wait, you're in line over there, and THAT cashier was helping you. There was some issue with her envelopes, either for pictures or prescription, I don't really know, wasn't pay too much attention. So the cashier rings her up as I text my BFF what happened...he laughed...thanks lol

So now it's my turn. I give her the coupons BEFORE she rings it up. Normally it's a guy up there that always tries to sell me the 'product' of the week (normally candy that I don't need). And when one time I asked what the purpose was to promote it, he proudly stated 'So I can get more money in my paycheck' Please. No thanks. Never ask me again please. So she puts them down and rings up the 3 splenda and the sharpener. She's half paying attention b/c the OTHER cashier is still having issues with something....so now, the old lady not only took up her line, but mine as well by cutting me off, then going back to the other cashier and complaining, now holding me up even more b/c MY cashier had to walk over to the other one to help her....geesh. Meanwhile, there's a line forming behind me. Great. So she starts to ring up the coupons. First one beeps, she pushes a button and I guess it goes through. 2nd one goes through, no beep. Third one beeps. Then she looks at the receipt, then back at the coupon then inspects the Splenda. She then says "Oh, you can't use this coupon (just one) because it's more then the product is.' I say, 'So just mark the coupon down to $2.99, it's only a penny difference...it's not like I'm asking for the penny back' So she says 'Oh I can't do THAT' in a tone like I just asked her to go kill a bunch of schoolchildren. So I say that I've seen it done before (at CVS and Shop rite). So she won't budge. The manager is outside getting boxes or something, so that won't help..besides, the other cashier needs the manager and now NOBODY can check out. So i say 'Okay, fine, give me the coupon back and take that one Splenda off' "oh, I can't do that either.' 'Why not?' 'Because these two are 2.99 and with the $3Q, it takes the extra $.02 and puts it to this one (pointing to number 3) and if I take this one off, then I have to take them all off because the coupon is worth more and the overage goes towards the other same product' WTF???? 'You know what, charge me the full price of that 3rd splenda, give my the 3rd coupon back and I will call the corporate office and talk to them b/c you don't know your own coupon policy and I won't make these poor people wait while your manager does something outside to come help both cashiers' So she does...the total came to $4.52. hmmmmm, weird...the 1st 2 splendas were free, the third was 2.99 and the sharpener after the coupon would be .19....so that's 3.18, where's 4.52 come from....I just give her cash looking to figure out the rest in the car.

So I grab my stuff and my receipt and walk to my truck. I get in, close the door, then realize how HOT it was! So i opened the door. I look over 2 spots and there's a doggy in the car....windows rolled up and car off...dog was panting like crazy! UGH, really people? Same thing happened two weeks ago, and I went OFF on the lady when she came out. I'd really like to put those people into a freaking wall. I'm a very nice and forgiving person, but when it comes to animals like that, I think I'd beat the crap out of these people, then let them sit in the car all bruised and hurt in a car in the heat with the windows up....jerks! And the one two weeks ago had the audacity to yell back at me! HA! If I didn't need a clearance for my job, I prolly would have hit her a times....just to spite her....but anyways, I digress. So I saw the guy going into the store that left the dog in the car...mental note taken.

So I start looking at my receipt, and the girl rang up the sharpener twice....really? So I take a look at the dog and it made me sad. I marched into the store and went right to the cashier as the line was gone and told her what happened. So I got my money back....as she was doing it all, the guy walked by. I wanted to say something, but not in the store....no need to cause a scene. He was older, so he walked slow...i knew I'd catch him in the parking lot. So I grabbed my money and stuff and ran out. I yelled at him. He shrugged me off. Really old man????? I wish I would have thought of a plan to make nobody leave the store so I could call the police and they'd get there before the person came out. I'd have to grab a bunch of stuff and demand a price check to the only cashier...or cause a scene by the prescriptions (where he was) so nobody can get their pills until I'm done with my rant. We'll see what happens when I go back to use my $4 CAT. And I forgot my receipt to call the Walgreens corporate...dang it!

Anyone else have issues like this at WAGS?

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