Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Borgata 1/2NL Cash

After my bust out from the tourney on Saturday, I needed to eat. See, here's my thing with tournaments that worries Hubby Mike and BFF Jerry. I don't eat when I'm in a tourney. I don't eat breakfast, I don't drink coffee and I don't eat during breaks. I know why I do it. What's worse then sitting at a table after eating and either getting tummy ache or just having the food sit in your tummy, making you extrememly tired? There are worse things, but not many (in my book). So I just don't really eat. I will grab a bagel and keep it with me and munch on it, but not much. I'll keep some hard candy to suck on to keep my blood sugar in check. And I might order a diet coke just to keep me from being nauseous. But for the most part, I'm okay. But the boys worry b/c I get extremely hungry and I can normally last for 8 hours or so in a tourney, which is a long time, on top of the hours prior to the tourney that I'm not eating. So when I busted out on Saturday, I had a headache, thought I was going to pass out and wanted to EAT....so we did....and it felt good to eat :) And we had ice cream for dessert :)

Sunday we went to breakfast, then headed to Bally's for the Price is Right Live show. Then we had an early dinner at NOW at B, then headed for the poker room. It was pretty dead for a Sunday night, especially with the BSO going on, I figured it'd be packed. Hubby Mike and I got seated next to each other at the same table. I really don't mind that....some people won't play at the same table as their friends/spouse/bf/gf, etc but I don't mind. I won a few smaller pots and made my way up pretty quickly to being up a few bucks. there was an older gentleman at my table, and I guess he looked like someone I knew, and I was like 'I like that guy' no rhyme or reason, just liked him. I got involved in a pot with him as we were all chatting. He raised to 10, and I looked down at pocket kings and I said "I'm sorry, I have to raise you' He's like 'don't apologize, you play your cards' So I did. I raised to 30 or 40, and he insta called. Flop was low cards and I bet out 50, he folded up his queens, I showed my kings. So he walked over a few hands later and was like 'I'm old enough to be your grandfather, I'm 79' Wow, I said, that's awesome that you're still playing cash! I hope to be like you when I'm your age' So he says never to apologize for raising. I normally don't, and I told him that....but I liked him, and gave my reasoning for it...I said if it was anyone else at the table (minus Hubby Mike) I wouldn't apologize, but I got a good vibe from him. So he laughed, smiled and walked back to his seat. LOL

We got involved in another pot....not sure if it was before or after our conversation...I think prior, but I'm not 100% positive. I had ace king and he raised pre flop. I called. Ace came on the flop with a flush draw. He bet, I called. Rag on flop, he bets bigger I called. River comes nothing, he bet 100 I insta called. We had the same hand. now, I hardly ever play ace king that hard. But I thought he was betting with a flush draw....and since it wasn't there I called...had the flush come out, now way was I calling 100 on the river. My gut kept telling me to call, so I listened.

I won a few more hands, lost a few more...nothing too noteable. Then a kid sat down at our table....said he was a dj at Mixx and Mur Mur and his friends all play poker so he figured he'd sit at a table. Was used to small home games. Now, he didn't say this when he first sat down. I got ace jack...I raise. I'm in seat 1, he's in 4. He raises me, huh? Geesh. Guy in seat 7 re-raises him....he also hardly played a hand...so I knew I was beat...showboated a bit to make it seem I was laying down a big hand....but was steaming the new guy had the nerve to raise ME! (lol). So I end up folding then it's to new guy, and he thinks, then folds. I was like I knew what the other guy had, yadda yadda. So then he asks me what the other guy had. Now, at this point, I didn't know he was a newbie I just thought he was a one of those raising every hand kind of kid and was trying to get free info from me...heck no...so I told him "oh, kid, I've been here for hours and I'm not just giving away free info like that". Few hands later, he did something weird....I forget what he did...maybe he mucked in first position after the flop without checking or whateve.r...but we all looked at him....he looked a little nervous and after awhile he said it was his first time, etc...then I felt HORRIBLE that I was so mean to him. So from then on, I took him under my wing and taught him the ropes :)

A new guy came to our table and he was very talkative, seemed like a bully type. He first got to the table and was saying how he cashed in this event and that event, etc....yea whatever...sure you did. (I never believe people). So he raises, I re-raise with kings...he calls. Flop is Jack high, I bet out 50, he shoves all in....I ask how much he had (could be not much for me to call) but he sat down with 300, so I insta folded my kings face up, and he flipped up trip jacks. I knew he had it...that's why it was so easy to fold my kings. People were in awe that it was so easy to make the laydown. Really????? Then the one guy was like 'Bet you'd think if you had aces" Um, no insta laydown pal. I didn't know the guy that raised, or how he played, but it was obvious. And if it was a bluff, it was a good bluff, but I'm not shoving all my chips in like that with kings....very easy laydown. Then the guy was like 'wow, that shows your a good player that you can fold your kings that easily' The way I look at it, it's one hand....it's one pair. I got many more hands to go..it's not a sprint when I'm playing cash, so I'll have more hands to get involved in....but it was cool he showed his cards.

He got involved in a lot of pots, as did the guy to his left...it was worth the price of admission just to watch the hands going on....and of course I kept getting dealt crappy cards, so I couldn't even get involved, but I had wanted to!

Then where was a hand that got under my skin. I liked everyone at my table, I did...it was a cool table. Kid in seat 6 was the button. Dealer did the flop, checked around, but the dealer didn't see seat 6's cards and burned and turned...seat 6 was like wtf then grabbed some chips as he was going to bet. I saw it....he had no intention of betting....he watched the dealer pretty much put out the turn, then was like wtf....no...when you're in the hand and the dealer does so much as burn, then you say something....so anyways, he makes a big stink, so the dealer puts the card to the side as he waits for the kid to act....he bets, everyone folds...no big deal. It happens. We all make mistakes. The pot wasn't big (maybe 4 people in, no pre flop bet, so it was 8 bucks, 10 max) so it's not a big pot. But he made a big stink. I told the dealer not to worry. So the next hand, the dealer does the flop, then immediately 'pretends' to burn and turn. we all laugh, except for seat 6...he got all mad again...dude it's a JOKE! He made a FUNNY! relax. He left soon after. I told the dealer not to worry about him...eventhough the kid really ripped into him....I know the dealer so I had his back..but if the kid kept on, I was gonna ream him out....so luckily for him, he stopped. So after he left, I told the newbie NEVER to yell at a dealer....we all make mistakes so it's human nature...that kid just really irked me!

Table broke up not too long after that as it was getting late and people were getting tired, myself included...could barely keep my eyes open.

FYI, the guy with trip jacks, his name is Chris Valsamos, look for him in the Borgata blog....seems to be a great up and comer!

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