Monday, March 5, 2012

To Vaccinate or Not?

So, my newest worry as of late is Chicken Pox (weird, yes, I know). I never got it as a child, and I got tested a few years back to see if I'm immune, my dr. says I am not. I went to go get the vaccine a few years back, but chickened out at the clinic. Too many young kids there screaming, the place looked really shady (as did the doctors) and when I told the people why I was there, they looked at my like I had 2 heads. I think that's weird b/c the CDC recommends adults to get the vaccine if they never got it and are not immune.

So now, I'm ready to have a baby. But I'm afraid of one day catching chickenpox, primarily while pregnant (many birth defects, I'd be sick as a dog, etc). Even if not pregnant, it's not something fun to deal with as an adult.

So I'm on my kick again to get vaccinated. My dr. gave me a script, after questioning why I wanted it, then the front desk lady came in saying to sue my mother (i'm not kidding) for not getting me the vaccine when I was young. I've done a ton of research on this. They started with the vaccine in 1995, and not to date myself, but I was 15 at the time, so I wasn't getting a vaccine, esp so early on when they rolled it out. It was never a big deal in my family (chicken pox).

So back on my kick, I went and got the script refilled (couldn't get it at my pharmacy OR Rite Aid, but my best friend has a pharmacy across from his shop and were able to get it). It was $120, and I have a second dose waiting for me to pick up as I need 2 doses. So I have to go back to my doctor (who I don't like and am looking to switch doctors as well) and have him inject me with it. It's a live vaccine, so the chicken pox will be injected into me. Not fun. I think I'll be okay with the needle part (I have given blood and was the guinea pig for medical students to practice on my arm pretending to take blood) so that's good. But I'm terrified of the 'side effects'. I know they say a very low percentage will get a breakthough chickenpox (less then 50 blisters, low or no fever, etc). The pharmacist I got it from said he got his on a friday, and on Saturday, he was run done, very tired, fever, and had about 10 or so blisters on him. By Sunday he was fine.

I don't know....should I even do it? I mean it's so rare to see someone with chickenpox nowadays since the vaccine and people having it as a child. I haven't heard anyone having it in many years...but still. I do worry that later in life I may be exposed to it, and the older I get, the worse it will get. I will get it done on a Friday, so that way if anything happens, hopefully it will happen on a weekend and not have to miss work, or only a day or two if I do get the blister things (they say I am contagious with them, so to not go to work or school). I already told my boss that if I call out for chickenpox, I'm not lying. I'm just a worrywart I guess. I should just go friday and get it done right? But then I go to my doctor who I'm not too keen on, or switch doctors?


Financial Dropout said...

I would get it. In adults, the virus will often manifest itself as shingles, which is a COMPLETELY different ball game. Very painful, and not just the run of the mill chicken pox.

Frances said...

I can't offer advice, as I had chicken pox when I was a kids. I don't recall my getting it and I don't recall my siblings catching them. But I got other vaccines, so I guess I support that decision.

I would definitely find another doctor. I don't do doctors I don't like.