Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just Another Reason I Love Suze Orman!

I just LOVE Suze Orman! Anyone that knows me, knows that she is my idol, and I watch her all the time, and even managed to score tickets to see and meet her a few months back. I even have a pic of her and I as my twitter photo!

I've been watching America's Money Class on OWN and been taking notes. I'm a little behind and only finished episode 2 last night and I just love the song 'She's gonna teach you how to be RICH!' So while watching the second episode last night, she was talking about families and children etc. And she had a FABULOUS idea about college savings for children. A couple in their early 30s asked about saving for college for their children. They both paid off their student loan debt after taking out loans, they have their EF, they are funding their retirement and have no debt other then a car loan. So, Suze said to just sock some money aside each month or however they want, but NOT to tell their children. Suze said that when the kids go off to college, let them take out student loans (subsidized and unsub) and if they really took college seriously and had a good head on their shoulders that as a graduation present, pay off those loans for them with the money you saved! WOW, what a GREAT idea! And if they weren't serious, took forever to graduate, slacked off, etc they don't get the money, and there's more money for YOU to have in retirement or what not.

DH and I don't have kids yet but we do plan on having them in the future. I'm a planner by nature so I'm planning this stuff BEFORE I'm even pregnant! I went to college, got a Bachelor's and Master's Degree. DH did not attend college, he went right into the workforce. His parents instilled that if he wanted to live at home rent free, he needed a job. So he got a part time job at Shop Rite, one at a local sub shop and one for UPS. He did party with his friends that were in college in those years, and worked his way through the part time stuff at UPS and put in to become a full time driver when the opportunity arose. Once he became a full time driver, he left his other part time work and has been a driver since (over 10 years). His pay was and is higher then mine and he has no college education. We both believe that schooling is important, but it's not the only option. So when we have kids, we decided we will not force them to go to college if it's not their thing...but if they want to go we will support them 110% and do what Suze says and not tell them we have some money saved for them.

Add this to the list of reasons why I LOVE SUZE!

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