Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Getting Back to the Swing of Things

I decided today that on lunch I would either go to A & P for triple Q's, or to Staples for some free stuff. I chose to do Staples today as my friend at work didn't bring in her Q's. Tomorrow, she will bring them in and we will hit up A & P.

I love Staples, I really do. I actually love anything/everything that deals with office supplies. Love it! So I went in to get the binders, pens, pencils and pop up tape dispenser with the Rebates. So here's what I got:

4 1 inch Avery Binders - 6.99 x 4 = 27.96 but will get it all back with Staple Rewards
2 Bic Mechanical Pencils (5 in each package) = 4.79 x 2 = 9.58 - 7.58 in special savings = 2. So they wer $1 a piece!
1 Pentel Hyper-G Pens (4 in a pack) - 3.99 which I will get back with the rebate online
1 Pop up Take desk Dispenser 2.99 which I will get back with the rebate.

So all in all, I spent 39.53 OOP, but will get back 34.94 in rebates so in actuality, I only spent 4.59 ($2 for the pencils and then other $2.59 in tax). Not bad!


Sarah said...

How do the Staples rewards work? Do you get a Staples GC back, or an actual check?

spaghetti0625 said...

I'm not sure, I did my first one last month with the batteries...come to think of it, I have NO idea where I put all them batteries :( From what the guy said yesterday, you get a check that you can use at Staples only. It's not a check you can cash, but it's good only at Staples...which I guess is good b/c you can keep rolling it and rolling it, just like CATS! I think last month's will be mailed this month, and the one I did yesterday will get mailed out in February.

also, I've done regular rebates before, and the last time I got a gift card for $15 (good anywhere) and other times I've gotten checks to deposit into the bank.