Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I am Getting SO Sick and Tired of Dealing with Incompetent People!

I'm at my boiling point, I really am. In the past few weeks, I have had to deal with some very incompetent people and I figured I'd share my rant with you, because I'm sure some or all of you may have encountered the same thing.

It started off a few weeks ago when DH got a postcard in the mail for free golf balls, he just had to pay for shipping. This probably came from the 'free' subscription he got to Golf Digest for me buying him that Tiger Woods Wii golf game. When you fill out the stuff online, they say they DON'T sell their name to other companies, yadda yadda yadda. So, he gets this postcard from Warrior Custom Golf for 3 dozen free golf balls. So he's like 'Should I call?" I tell him he can do what he wants. So he calls and he's on the phone for about 2 minutes when I hear him shell out his credit card number. He gets the 'look' from me because I hate when he does that sort of thing. The guy hardly even gave him the 'sales pitch' before he gave out his CC number. So I'm listening to DH's side of the conversation. They start talking about his golf game, how much he goes golfing, etc. Then I hear him say 'Um, no, just the golf balls please. I don't need a new set of clubs since my wife just bought me a new set' (which I did a few months back...a good set too). So, I hear him again, "No thanks, just wanted the promotion I got in the mail about the free balls." Then the phone went dead....or so he thought. He starts complaining that our phones stink (okay they are a little old, and phones in our condo are horrible b/c of the reception and lines in our area, no matter what type of landphone we get, it's always the same). So I run into the spare room where we have a corded phone and pick it up, dial tone. Hmmmmm. My mind starts racing and I ask him what the guy was talking about. DH said that he was trying to sell him golf clubs for a few hundred bucks, etc. Great...phone goes dead, these people have our CC number and DH was trying to tell the guy to just send the darn balls! I tell him to call them back and cancel everything. I go online and do some research, and it's all shady. So many people have had issues and a few cited that in the middle of the 'sales pitch' the phone mysteriously 'goes dead' I'm majorly freaking out, he calls and cancels. I decide to call Capital One to notify them and see if I can get a block on this company from charging my account. I'm not asking for a million bucks, just one company not able to charge anything to my account. I'm told that I would have to restrict the entire account so NOBODY could charge on the account, so I said "No, don't do that because I have a few places that automatically bill my credit card (EZPass, etc)" So the man says okay. All I ask is that he puts a note on my account about this business.

A week later, I get home from work and get something in the mail from Capital One. I immediately open it up in the parking lot and it's a letter that says that we restricted our account and to call this number to take the restriction off when we want too. Are you kidding me? I told them NOT to restrict/block it b/c of my EZPASS! And I know the EZPass was going to hit that week b/c it needed it's replenishment. I immediately call up and I explain the situation. I just HATE when I'm angry/upset for good reason and they do the 'I understand your frustration, BUT...' UGH! So I'm on the phone and I explain to the person that I specifically said to NOT restrict the account, and they did, and notify me a WEEK later that we did. I ask her to take the restriction off immediately since now I'm guessing EZPass is not getting their money. She explains to me that the primary accountholder has to do that. WHAT?! Are you kidding me? DH is a truck driver, he can't just wait and sit on hold for about 10 minutes as I did to talk to someone! She explains that ONLY the primary can put a hold or take a hold off, or change the account, etc. Funny, because when I had my money stolen from my purse at the Water Club in January, I was the one that called and had the account closed and a new card issued with a new number. I was also the one that called the prior week about blocking the company. So here it was that I wasn't able to do anything, yet I did twice and never had an issue. Now, THEY make a mistake and I can't do anything? Not acceptable. I ask to speak to a supervisor, get one and they can't do anything...the 'system' won't let them. Are you for real? Push a darn button saying that you're speaking to the primary and do it! So I argue with her, then she says she will place me on hold and try to contact the primary account holder. As she does that, I take my home phone and call DH and tell him not to answer his cell if someone calls. We hang up. I'm on hold for another 10 minutes, and I put my cell phone down on the table and i accidentally hit the 'end' button...URGH! I call DH and lo and behold, the NEVER called him...but they kept me on hold for 10 minutes? NOT ACCEPTABLE! I am now in the midst of following Suze Orman's advice and opening up a CC at our credit union. (Note: DH called them and took off the restriction....yea, great customer service CapitalOne!)

So, yesterday I'm at work talking to a co-worker about All You magazine and she says that her subscription took awhile to start as well (I've been waiting oh so patiently for mine :) I go online to Capital One to see when I did the order for it, and I see that Warrior Custom Golf billed us last week for $23! OMG! So I call DH and tell him I'm about to go all Carrie Heffernan on this place. I get on the phone with a young woman and tell her the situation in a matter of fact tone. She says that the balls shipped out on the 14th (DH did the call with them on 10/3). Um, yea, whatever. DH called in the same hour that he placed it and cancelled it, and he was told that it was never processed since the call got dropped and he called right back. The original person he spoke with hadn't put it in the system yet. So he was 'assured' that no order would go through. So a week and half later, balls get shipped to us. The lady says 'Oh, that's okay, when you get the balls, just refuse them and when we get them back here, we'll credit your account' NO I say. First off, they NEVER should have been shipped out to begin with, that was an error on YOUR end, NOT mine. AND, whose to say you'll ever credit my account? I've dealt with that before, and lo and behold, the company never gets the item back, eventhough I've sent it back and TRACKED it back to their warehouse! Companies are shady! I demand that my money gets credited immedately and she says no, they can't do that. I then tell her it's THEIR mistake, not mine and THEY need to make it right. She places me on hold, speaks to her supervisor and says that they will credit the account immediately and that they will try to re-route the balls back to them, but if I get them, to please refuse them so they will get them back. So they sent it on Wednesday, and by Monday, no balls. So if I were to wait for the balls to get to my house, then wait for it to go all the way back to California, then wait for them to credit my account, it'd be Christmas time! Um, no. I also sent an email to them that I would like in writing that they will be crediting my account. I also called CapitalOne to see if it showed that there was a credit done, but they said that would take a few days to show. Figures.

Then, I go to Wal-Mart after work to get my All You Magazine....just that magazine. Right in the front by the express checkout. Sweet! I get in line behind someone, who decided to do her weekly grocery shopping and check out in the 12 items or less line. I look around, all the other express lanes had about 5 people deep, and the regular lines were out in the walkway. 'Sigh' The lady is taking so much stuff out her cart, and I felt like the cashier didn't do her job correctly because she should have said 'This is an express checkout' So, the woman kept looking at me and I had to bite my tongue after all this stuff I went through with the darn golf balls yesterday. So, everytime she made eye contact I would just look up at the '12 items or less sign' and arch my eyebrow. I had to wait about 5 minutes just to ring up a magazine...geesh!

So, have any of YOU experienced and headaches like this recently?


Sarah said...

Sucky!!! I hate when companies do shady things like that. I dont even let my DH see those "free" offers that come in the mail - too many shady ones to even be worth it.

Precious said...

I agree with Sarah! Too much fraud so be really, really careful!

spaghetti0625 said...

Thanks Sarah and Precious! all is better now! They credited my account, and I also got something from them in writing :)

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

I just have to laugh because you are so much like me! The annoying "offers" that turn out to be more of a pita then they are worth and then to get to the express checkout, not only to find that the person in front of you has more items then the sign suggests, but that half are PRODUCE! so they require even more involvement!
Makes me wish I lived in a cave!