Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Borgata Ladies Event 9/12/09

On Saturday, Sept 12, Hubby Mike and myself got up nice and early and made our trek down the Garden State Parkway for the Ladies Event at Borgata. Hubby Mike has been trying to convince me to stay away those events, but I keep on playing them. I guess it's the cheap buy-in and the not so smelly players that
get me :)

As I mentioned earlier, when I was in line, I got to speak to Will 'The Thrill' Failla. Wonder why they call him 'The Thrill?" Anyways, I get seated at what seems to be a good table. A woman that I swear looked like Rodeo from Rock of Love was at the other end of my table, and a woman I have played with a few times was also down at the other end. I was in seat 9, and seat 10 came very late. To my right, seats 7 and 8 did not shut up the ENTIRE time. I'm not kidding. I'm a talker, I can out-talk anyone, but not these two girls. One was an older woman, the other (next to me) was probably a few years younger then me.

I didn't get involved in too many pots early on, I wanted to get a read from the players first. It was quite hard to listen to people as the girls on my right chit chatted the entire time. The girl on my right ticked me off a few times. Because of all the yapping away, she wasn't paying attention and 2 times she took my card and shuffled with hers, so then we didn't know which one was mine. another time, she took the girl to her right's card so it was a mis deal (idiot) and I had ace queen too. At that point I was short stacked as a big hand I was in she sucked out on me big time. She got involved in a big hand with another woman and that woman played an ace high all the way to river, and called the girl on a bluff. So the girl to my right lost a huge hand with king high, complaining she couldn't get the other person off the hand.

So, right before the first break, I'm in the big blind with pocket 7s...everyone folds, and she called the small blind. I raise it up (a little more then 3x the blind) and she's like 'Okay I call' Damn, just fold! It's break time I'm thinking and I gotta pee! So, the board was 8 high, she checks, I bet out, she calls. Ugh. Turn, another high card, now a flush draw is out there, she checks, I bet. River comes and she bets out big. I fold and she shows the nut flush (ace three of clubs). Okay, you just basically ream this girl out over there for calling with nothing, WTF are you doing chasing a runner runner on the flop? ugh...whatever. So I'm ticked off, go on break and vent to Hubby Mike. When I return, I put my IPOD in LOUD so I can tune out the girls to my right. The girl on my left had come and she sat with her fingers over her ears b/c they did not shut up.

One of the funniest things happened too. Since it was a ladies event and the Borgata can care less about us, all the worst dealers were dealing our event. I think they went out onto the boardwalk and asked the homeless people if they wanted a job for a few days and gave them dealer jobs for the event. The dealers were asking ME how to deal...the girl to my left was taking a walk and she was like 'Do I deal to her even though she's not here?" HELLO! Poker dealing 101! Okay so back to the funniest thing. The dealer deals out the cards (after taking 5 minutes to shuffle, no lie) and the girl to my right asks the girl to her right to give her change for a large chip. This is happening as the dealer started dealing. She's the small I'm the big. Well, she never grabbed her cards b/c she was too busy fiddling with her chips, so the dealer just grabs them, puts them into the muck, then the girl my left mucks and the girl to my right is like 'HEY, where's my cards!' Ugh, I think. Here we go! The dealer was like 'Oh I thought you folded' She's like 'No, I'm the small blind, and the action isn't even on me yet!' So now there's 4 cards in the muck. The girl to my left is like, if you want, I can look at the cards and tell you what my two were, then you can tell what hers were. Normally, the dealer should be calling for the floor...nope. So she takes the four cards, hands them to the girl to my left, FACE up, so I can see two of the cards, as can the girl next to me! Wow, so now the girl to my left is yelling 'MISDEAL MISDEAL' and me, being the smart alek that I am is like 'It's not a mis-deal' and she's like 'Yes it is!' I tell her 'no, a mis-deal is just that....a mis-deal...she didn't mess up dealing the hand, you were too busy messing w/ your chips. You have to protect your cards at all times...you hand is dead.' she did NOT like that. So the floor comes over and she was so taken aback at what the dealer did. so, as she is starting to explain to the girl that it's not a mis-deal, but her hand is dead, I look at the dealer and she starts to WASH THE CARDS! I look at my cards, nothing, and I know it's a dead hand for everyone.

I'm down to like 2600 in chips a little while later and I'm just thinking it's not my day. Oh well. Can't win em all! I get ace king and push all in, and I more then double up and I have about 7800. I then get to a little over 11k when my table gets broken up. (I won't go into the fight about the guy, it's been talked about way too much already). I get to a fairly decent table and I get a few good hands, make raises and steal some blinds/antes. I got to about 19k right before dinner. After dinner was all downhill for me. Blinds are up as are antes. I get pocket 10s in early position and raise to 6k. Girl on the other side of the table goes all in for 5600, so I get some money back. We flip up our cards, she has queen 8 off....what the? Queen on the flop, eight on the river. Of course, now I'm short stacked and a little peeved off. I worked my tail off to get to the chips I had and this girl just takes them? UGH. I'm right next to the rail, so Hubby Mike is right there.
I turn around, and he's over watching Lacey Jones' table, so I yell for him to come see what just happened. The girl gets ticked off that I'm talking about her, and she's like "The blinds are too big, I couldn't afford the blinds when they get around to me' Um, the blinds are 800 1600, you had more then enough...but whatever. Told her it's her cards, etc. it's just that I never get that lucky.
so a few hands later, I'm in the big blind, everybody folds to the small blind. Her and I were getting along great, talking, etc. She's like, 'how much you got left?" and I'm like '5500' She's like I'm all in, I insta-call with ace 8 of diamonds. She's like 'oh you definately got me on this, easy double up for you' She has 4 6 off. WHAT THE? I look at Hubby Mike and he gives me a look. Low cards on the flop, paint on the turn....Im thinking BIG...4 on the river and I'm out. What just happened is what is going through my mind...I grab my stuff and storm out...I got freaking steamrolled after busting my hump for 9 hours and NOTHING. Wow....why can't I get lucky when I go all in with the crappiest hand and suck out? Both times, got my money in with the best hand and lost. It's a really bad feeling. Then to top it all off, a guy wins the event.....lovely. I knew it wasn't my day!

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