Thursday, November 13, 2008

Borgata - 11/11/2008 on a whim

So Veteran's Day rolls around, and I'm off from work (Yippee!) DH (Darling Husband) has to work, unfortunately. He only gets the major holidays off. He does get off on Black Friday, I have to take the day off, boo hoo! So, the day before Veteran's Day, DH says he will most likely be over (he's the Senior Split Driver at his hub for UPS) and that means that they don't have a route for him, but he can take over someone's route and send them home (most people DO want to go home). So on this day, I gave him the opportunity, that if he's over, he can take the day off and we can go to AC. He agreed (he NEVER agrees to go to AC).
So, the morning comes, I'm sleeping. He kisses me goodbye to go to work, and around quarter to 8, I get the text that it looks good for him being over. Then about an hour later, I get the text that the eagle has left the nest, repeat, the eagle has left the nest. So I get up, shower, get dressed and am ready to go when he gets home. We stop at Quick Chek to get money from our poker account and I grab a coffee to wake me up for the drive.
We get down there around noon and I'm seated after a few minutes. There is a seat open two to my left, I signal DH and he sits down. We don't tell anyone we are together, nor do we talk to one another to give away that we are together. Some people don't like hubbys and wives at the same biggie! I can try out my acting skills, and once we do start talking, DH is the stud that's picking me up :)
I'm playing quite tight and just trying to get a read on people. The guy to my left is drunk and has a story for EVERYTHING. He has a 35 foot boat, he's a CPA, he had the stripper in the room for his brother's bach party, oh and she stayed over...and left her bag in the room and was 'blowing up his phone' trying to reach him to get her 'bag' back. He was kinda cute...what a waste for a cute guy. There was also the chaser in the 10 seat...he was in EVERY hand. Then there was the 6 foot 8 Russian kid....very nice...although he did suck out on me on one hand...caught it on the river...all well. After awhile, the table kind of broke up, new people came in. We planned to leave at 7pm, and that's when we left.
Some notable hands:
First hand I sit down, I am in the big blind. Good timing. I get dealt queen five off. Flop comes queen queen jack. Small blind checks, I check. Guy in late position throw out 10. small blind folds, I call. Turn comes a jack. I filled up. I check. Guy bets out, I raise, he calls. I bet on the river, thinking he's got the jack or a draw of some kind, or maybe the case queen. He folds.
I don't get involved in many hands, unless I get a big hand pre flop. In the first few hours, I get dealt pocket 10's up to pocket aces. Awesome!
I limp into a few hands to get involved, nothing big happens.
At one point I was up to $450 bucks, when I flopped a set. Sweet! Two diamonds on board. I bet out to get out the drawing hands. One caller, the tall Russian guy. Turn was nothing, I bet out big again, he thinks and calls. UGH. Diamond on the river. I check, he bets out like $20. I pay him off and he shows 9 4 of diamonds. Figures. So now I'm down to about $310 or so. Still up, so I'm not too bummed. And he did apologize. At least he was sincere about that.
DH is not doing so well. He's getting outplayed and sucked out big time. I'm under the gun, I look down at pocket queens...sweet! I raise to 15, and DH goes all in for about $40. uh oh. Now I think. Okay, if everyone else folds, I call and muck on the river, he shows whatever his hand is, and he wins the pot. Loose guy at seat one raises! WTF? A few hands earlier, he was involved in a BIG hand. I started paying attention to him after he made a big bet on the river. He's neck was bulging big time (sign of nervousness, normally means he is bluffing). Guy calls him and he's like 'Nice hand' and automatically mucks. Me and the guy to my right start talking about the 'bulge' he noticed it too. The next hand, another bad beat on him and he takes out like $160, so now we're back to this hand. Action comes back to me. I feel I need to protect DH, but at the same time, I know I have this 'tilt' guy beat. I put my head down on the table, then I think of the 'bulge' neck the hand a few hands before. I look at him, he says something to me, then I notice the bulge again. I go all in and he calls his last like $20 (gas money he says). I put my hands over my forehead so I only see the board, not his cards. I see King rag rag. Someone calls out 'Ace king' DAMMIT! DH flips over pocket 10's. So now, I'm hoping for a 10 or queen, doesn't happen. UGH! Now I'm done to about $150 or so. Guy to my right says I made the right call, but it still hurt. DH is out, I feel bad.
I get involved in some smaller hands, and lose. I'm down to about $75 and I'm just aggravated. There is a raise from the loose guy to about $15, next guy goes all in for $11. I'm on the button, look down at Ace Queen suited. Works for me. I go all in. Loose guy ponders for awhile....I'm thinking he has a small pair and I'd rather just pick up the pot right there. He calls. son of a bitch! He calls out 'jacks' and i'm like 'cool, I got outs!' Flop shows me a queen, and I flip over my cards. rag rag on turn and river. He flips over ace king. He loves that ace king! He thought I had jacks and he was 'racing' at best. Sweet, just doubled up! I text DH who was at blackjack. I play a few more hands, nothing too big. It's almost 7pm, and I look down at Ace King of clubs UTG (under the gun). I raise, new guy at seat 10 calls. ugh. Queen queen rag on the flop. yikes. I continuation bet, guy thinks, and calls. King on the turn. So I hit my top pair, but I'm thinking this guy is holding a queen. I bet again, he calls. Nothing on the river. I go all in, guy thinks and calls. FUDGE! I flip over ace king, he flips over king ace kicker wins it! SWEET! I double up and now am sitting with $304. So I'm $4 up for the day. Not bad for the previous hour or so down to $75. I look at DH (who lost at Blackjack and was now watching me) and he's like 'Let's go' I wait a few hands for the button to pass me, and I cash out.
Wasn't a great day (especially for DH) but we had a good time, and that's all that matters. I made a few bucks (literally). And we left at a decent time. Normally, we'd stay until midnight or later, drive home, get a few hours sleep and go to work the next day. I'm getting too old for that and need my beauty sleep :)
Going back down on Black Friday for our annual Russo Black Friday outing :) Hopefully we do better than we did Tuesday!

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